Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Whoo hoo!!! I'm getting excited and I can hardly wait to tell Dollface that she will soon be in the most magical place on earth LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Can someone please come and help me finish packing???? That is something I hate to do cause I always, always overpack!!!!

I have all of my girl's clothes ironed and most of them in the suitcase. *Don't ask* This is something I had to do and if you have been following this and the other blog for years then you know why LOL!!! But serious as a heart attack baby!!! She won't be looking crazy on my watch!!!

All of my clothes are ironed and a few items are in the suitcase. I still have to pack all the first aid stuff and toiletries for both of us.

I still need to purchase more batteries and another memory card because yall know I'mma be snapping pics every two seconds!!! Chica gon' be like ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

I have allotted 2 outfits a day for her in case she gets dirty or messy and I know we will be hitting major water rides so I have two ponchos packed for us both. Mom said she ain't riding nothing but the TeaCups and the Carousel. *Good cause I can't do those spinning ass rides. I will be puking all day.* Florida is super warm right now but I so don't want to get drenched and walk around in wet stuff. That was cool when we were kids but ummm right now I think I'll pass. So I have those space bags packed so I can keep our extra clothes dry during the day while we are riding the rides just in case somebody changes their mind and wants to ride the water rides with us!!! My mom used to be a rollercoaster daredevil back in the day!!! I mean I'd be scared to ride and she'd be like you wuss!!! For real!!

Why did my knee pop something crazy yesterday and I couldn't hardly put any pressure on it? You know I was like, am I gonna have to take my cane with me, cause I ain't shamed LOL!! I will be walking or limping around Dis.ney cane in hand and if it gets too bad uhhhhhhh wheelchair please. Mama Brown will just have to be on push duty. But seriously it feels much better today.

Oh and my baby girl made the honor roll for the first time as a third grader and she is beyond elated!!!!!! She worked hard to pull that D up in math to an A bayyybeeeeeee!!!! Plus she has perfect attendance and they will be rewarded for that this coming Friday.

Dollface doing big thangs!!!!!!!!! That's my baby!!!

But she's still talkin' major smack about not continuing with the violin. *sigh*

I'm on the hunt for a used violin next month cause she had to give the loaner back and I don't want her to forget what she has learned already over the summer. AND I will make sure that she goes over to her cousin's house to get in some practice too. They play the bass, violin and the flute. That's him giving her pointers. Love those kids man!!!

Plus the little boy that she has a mad crush on plays the violin. Bet she will still wanna play after she finds out that little tidbit of info!! I'm not letting her give this up LOL!!!!


  1. You're so over the top excited about this trip, and so you should be.

    You iron clothes and then pack? The hotel has one of those in every room.

    With all that extra you're bringing to the park, a locker maybe a good idea. I'm just sayin'.

    Anyway, I wish you and the family the best—be safe and have a blast!

  2. Don't let her quit! I wanted to play trumpet in HighSchool so I could sit next to the finest guy, Gary...Well, I got my wish, but the allure of being a majorette won out and that trumpet bit the dust for a baton and a short flared
    skirt and boots!

    Have a great time and The popcorn is the BEST in the world at WDW! I am an expent and know this for a fact! PSS take some snacks and or junk food with you...Disney will leave you in debt for YEARS to come!, LOL!

  3. Ya'll have fun! Be safe!

    And bring back plenty of pictures!!