Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's always something with me

Need your prayers folks. Went to my usual doctor's appointments and they both felt something under my left arm. * sigh* Had to get another mammogram and an ultrasound. They see a mass. *sigh*
Biopsy scheduled for this coming Thursday *major sigh*
With my cancer history they want to be certain that it is not malignant.
I freaked the hell out for about 30 minutes, had a good cry and talked to a strong azz sistafriend who allowed me my time to cry and get it out of my system. Then she told me to take my azz and go exercise cause she is my exercise Nazi!!! LOL!!!!! OOOOhhhhh I surely needed that workout too. I felt good afterwards.
I would be surely lying if I said I wasn't worried but I prayed and had a serious talk with God. He hasn't failed me yet and I don't anticipate Him to do so now. Please keep me in your prayers though. I will update when I get the results.
In the meantime I'm hosting our book club meeting today. We read Mary Higgins Clark's No Place Like Home. It was sooooo good, a page turner mos def!!! So now I must get up and start my day.

Happy Saturday!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Two years ago

Remember this pic? It's when I had my first round of chemo and I had to get my hair shaved off because it was falling out like mad!!!

Two years later

Humph!!! Don't tell me that God ain't good!!!

Still going to the docs every three months for follow ups. Still having bloodwork done every 3 months, Still taking cat scans every 6 months but baby I'm still here!!!

All Praises to Jesus!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Had a blast!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Comfort zone

Tonight, thanks to my blogging friend in Arizona, I will be participating in my first ever speed dating event. Whew lord, pray for your girl over here. I soooooooooo will be stepping out of my comfort zone. If anything I will be laughing my ass off cause I know some tomfoolery is going to pop off. The reviewers on the club site had me rolling!!! The one question they kept asking was, "WHAT IS THE AGE RANGE?" Folks kept asking this question over and over again, cause they didn't want to be chattin' it up with folks their daughters age, or folks their dads age.

CHILE PLEASE!!!!! Just call me MS. COUGAR tonight cause I am shole in the age range they specifically said they don't want. 40+ Boooooooo on yall little kids!!!

Muy pics will be taken and my name and occupation will most assuredly change with every, fool that comes my way!!!

Tonight is going to be something else!!!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Cold, snowy, Snow-Torious BIG, SnowTastic, SnowWay Jose' are we getting outta this house anytime soon!!!