Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Comfort zone

Tonight, thanks to my blogging friend in Arizona, I will be participating in my first ever speed dating event. Whew lord, pray for your girl over here. I soooooooooo will be stepping out of my comfort zone. If anything I will be laughing my ass off cause I know some tomfoolery is going to pop off. The reviewers on the club site had me rolling!!! The one question they kept asking was, "WHAT IS THE AGE RANGE?" Folks kept asking this question over and over again, cause they didn't want to be chattin' it up with folks their daughters age, or folks their dads age.

CHILE PLEASE!!!!! Just call me MS. COUGAR tonight cause I am shole in the age range they specifically said they don't want. 40+ Boooooooo on yall little kids!!!

Muy pics will be taken and my name and occupation will most assuredly change with every, fool that comes my way!!!

Tonight is going to be something else!!!



  1. Well?????? How did it go??? Spill it!

  2. Hey Mrstdj, Gurl I had a ball!!! I met 25 amazing, funny, sexy dudes!!!! No hookups, or love matches but surely had a good ass laughing time!!!

  3. YAY!! Glad to hear it. Sounds like there may be another one in your future!