Friday, February 26, 2010


So nope I didn't have to go off on the little girls. Dollface told me kids who tell on other kids get teased even more. That's bullying in my book and I don't like it one bit. She pointed out one of the girls to me and I was walking toward her and Dollface begged me to please not say anything. I told her she better take care of it then and not come home crying over what some mean old ugly girls said to her. Her mom also had a nice convo with the afterschool coordinator. Dollface baby's mom is straight hood. I don't know how she ever had a child like Dollface. lol!

The competition was today and her team came in 3rd place. You know what happened don't you?

Yep she cried. *sigh*

Like a baby right after the pics were taken of the entire 4 teams with their trophies.

I told her maybe she shouldn't be in the competition next year if she's gonna be a sore loser. The assistant principal tells the kids all the time that everyone is a winner who participates. She wasn't trying to hear none of it!!!

I love that kid with her uber sensitivity!!! Three of her classmates were sitting in the back waiting on her and they all looked puzzled as heck. Some of them had never been in the competition and Dollface has been in it for 4 years in a row. Last year her team came in second place, she was stoked!!!!!!!!! She wanted to crawl under a rock this year. *sigh*

She has to realize you can't win em all and when you don't, you have to learn how to accept that defeat graciously or else little chica is gonna be in for a world of trouble and heartache.

Well I won today!!! I smacked the hell outta that elliptical baby!!! I went a whole 20 minutes!!! Did you hear that? TWENTY WHOLE MINUTES!!!!!!!! Hellz yeah. I won!!!!!!!!! Oh and an hour and ten minutes in the pool too! So yeah I'm bad!!!!

Happy Friday yall!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dollface part 2

She did get selected for the heritage program but she's still slacking on studying the extra material. Today is Thursday and the program is tomorrow. She knows some of the answers but if they switch it up like they did the geography bee, her team will be hurtin!!! Oh man that geography bee was a total bust!!! We were sitting in the audience looking like WTH???? Their study packets were just a look into geography. The questions they asked were waaaaaaayyyyyyyy off base. Parents were looking at each other like, do you know that answer? We were all hunching our shoulders like nope.

Dollface has some kids(2 little ugly girls and I call them ugly for how they are acting) in her afterschool group that are getting ready to see my wrath. They're teasing her and calling her names and I'm not diplomatic or rational when it comes to picking on my babydoll. My inner, Hand that rocks the Cradle babysitter Peyton, is about to come busting out. Don't start none, won't be none. Dollface is THE sweetest, most passive child in the world when it comes to her friends and classmates. I think she feels outta place a little bit because of her height and weight. She towers over most of the kids at school and she's a big girl for 9. But that doesn't mean I'm going to let you call her out of her name without roughing you up a lil'. Hmpffffffff. I might need somebody to come bail me out. These little mean azz girls called my baby a stingy, fat, freak because she wouldn't give them her extra art supplies and she had tears in her eyes. Yeah somebody bout to get an azz whuppin from me! She said she told the teacher and her mom but this isn't the first time these chicks have said something about her. Initially we told her to ignore them but you know what, damn alla that. Keep your little mouth shut or else I'll shut it for ya. I hate mean kids. Mean kids suck!!! Oh and bet not, yeah bet not, nobodies mama come saying nothing to me about speaking to her kid. Cause I'll bust her in the mouth too!!!! See no coffee AND messing with my baby will get you cut and cussed out!!!!!!

*Bunny throws up fake gangs signs and exits stage right*

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


They grow up so fast!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not on the good foot

Today has been a total off day for me. I mean everything was thrown off!!!!!!!!! I woke up late, got to the speakers series late, exercised late, ate late. JUST EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you hate when an off morning sets the tone for the whole day???? To top it off tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, oh boy!!!! I so need to give up coffee but.... the flesh is weak!!!!!!!!!! Oh lord forgive me a sinner!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought a new bag of a special blend called Crooked Brew and it's soooooooo good!!!

I am going to give up coffee for Lent. I can do that!!!! Yes I can do that!!!! 40 days without coffee is not going to kill me!! I can switch to tea. We have some amazing flavors in the pantry and tea is much better for me anyway. When I say I'm addicted to coffee I mean I get serious headaches if I don't have any and I know that is awful!!!! So yes, I'm giving up coffee. For Lent, not for good. Maybe by the time Easter rolls around I will have kicked my addiction and won't crave coffee like I do now. We'll see!!!

Tomorrow is the day for the selection of teams for the annual heritage contest at my Doll's school. Ya know we go thru madness every year. This year is no different!!! She was off for a total of 5 days. Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon and I told her to study one hour, one stinkin' little hour each day. Two pages for one hour and she would be set. She knew two pages already so she was on her way. Well today when we were studying you know what happened don't you? Yeah her butt didn't study everyday so she didn't know much of the new material. Instead of me panicking like I usually do, I said, "Oh well." If she doesn't get selected it's on her. I can't and I won't stress myself out over her lack of studying when she's at home. I can only do what I can when she's here, that's it, that's all. I'm giving that up for 2010 and beyond. I only want the best for her but if her mom won't push her to do more at home, then so be it. Mediocrity suckssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!! My mom didn't push me hard either and I suffered greatly for it!! So I know that's why I push Dollface so hard. *sigh*

I love going to work out! I mean it's still a struggle to actually do it but I feel so damn good after it's over!!! The treadmill sucks man!!!!! I want to run on it but I feel unsteady. Bunny ain't graceful if ya didn't know!!! LOL!!!! Plus the doc said un uh!!!!!!! Folks be gettin' that ish in baby!!! It's inspiring to see everybody in there doing the damn thang!!! Makes me wanna do more. My usual workout is swimming for 45 minutes, treadmill for 25-45 minutes and the elliptical for as long as I can hang, which so far has been a whopping 10 minutes! That thing is the devil!!!! I'll get better at it I know and I'm tired as heck when I leave there but I feel refreshed as well. Does that make sense??? I still need a workout partner. I'm totally envious of the people that have someone to work out with them. I think that makes it a tad easier. IDK???

I'm grateful that I have so much time to put in right now but I truly need to be back in the land of the working folk!!! My oncologist scares me though. Everytime I see that chick she's lining me up for some more dreaded ass tests!!! I need a trustfund just to take care of all these medical bills I have acquired!!! I mean for real they are astronomical!!!!!!!!!!! Thinking of all I owe puts me in a bad place. Seriously my stomach starts hurting and my heart beats really, really fast and I get frazzled big time!!!!!!!! I need an assistant when it comes to the medical billing aspect of my life. It's soooooooooooo overwhelming!!!!!

I think I had too much coffee today. I'm on cup three right now trying to squeeze in as much as I can before tomorrow. What a goof!!!! Got the shakes trying to drink coffee like it's my last day on earth or something. *sigh*

Cole...I'm stoopid!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Wow it's February already, time is flying!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to the Saints, I didn't know they had never won the Superbowl! Hell I'd celebrate too just because and I don't even follow football anymore!

Every time Black History Month comes around I forget all the achievements we have made to society. I'm like damn really?

Been knitting for, ok scratch that, I've been going to knitting class for almost a year now. Ask me what I've knitted!

I joined a gym last week. That elliptical machine is nothing nice!!! I worked out 4 times last week and so far twice this week. Gotta get it right baby!

Dollface got her report card last week too. She didn't make the honor roll :( Math kicked her booty!!! All A's and B's and one C in math. We gotta do better. She wasn't too pleased with herself and I reminded her of all the opportunities we had to kick it up with the drilling and studying and she just gave me the puppy dog eyes and cried. I told her I wasn't interested in the tears cause they weren't gonna change that grade man! I told her we were gonna work harder to make it better, she sniffled something like, "yeah right." *sigh*

24 was off the dang chart this week!! I was like OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so love that show but I think they need to end it this season because the torture scenes are getting to be a bit redundant and we all know that Jack is going to kick some major ass after!

I have to write down every.single.thing, if not, it's totally forgotten! Why is my brain like this??? A couple of my friends say it's happening to them too. We old man, we old!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of old, I will be 44 this year. Damn Gina!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it and I'm soooooooooo looking forward to it!!!

Almond granola bars are the best snack to me after my workouts! Sweet and salty, mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Been toying with essential oils and have come up with some amazing body butters of my own!!! Yay me!!!!!!

It snowed here last night and is still snowing a little bit now but it's NOTHING like what came down in DC. They can keep it please!!!!

No matter how hard I try, I am not a morning person. I'm like that dude in the Mickey D's commercial. Do not talk to me until I have my coffee. Except mine is do not talk to me until it's no longer morning!!!! UGH!!!!!!!! I start to warm up to the idea of talking around 11ish. I'm a straight up grouch pretty much before that. Seriously!!!!!!!!!

I've been watching the old episodes of Grey's on Sunday nites. No wonder I fell in love with that show. I miss Burke still. They could seriously bring him back and I'd be seriously happy, seriously.

I need a vacation. I'm not going to say seriously but yeah....