Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oprah takes her final bow...

Today was the last day of the Oprah Winfrey show and to me it's kinda surreal. I mean I have been watching Oprah since 1984 here in Chicago. A couple of years before she went national. I'm in denial about this really!!! I arranged my college classes around Oprah lol!! She was smart as hell, cool, crazy, funny, interesting, blessed, a blessing! Finally someone who looked like me and represented me was on the air!! For the past few weeks my friends and I have been swept up in the finale (of course with our Dollface being on the show and all)the end of an era as we know it and it brings about a certain sadness. I mean really we call each other and ask, "Did you see Oprah today?" So now that it's over what are we gonna do without her???? I know yall must be thinking this chick is nuts, Oprah is just a talk show host. To me she is sooooooooo much more!!! To watch how giving she is and how she used the show to promote so many people and things is just a phenomenal thing!!!! Oprah is the gift that keeps on giving!!!

On this last show she truly gave God the Glory, Honor and Praise. I mean she straight out said I'm talking about G-O-D!!!! Go head Oprah. Her last words were, to God be the Glory!!!! Shoot I had goosebumps and was shouting up and thru this house!!!

25 years, that's a long time without misssing a day!!! She never missed a show in 25 YEARS!!!! WOW!!! That's some dedication for that azz!!! I love her man!!! I wish her the best at OWN!!! But the spoiled, always wants my way, self wants my Auntie Oprah show still. *sigh*

The bell just rang, how awesome!!! Mom's bike from the Oprah Show was delivered today. I mean ok too cool!!! :-)I just mailed off my certificate for my bike today. Yall know how I procrastinate!!!

The one thing (of many) that I will take from the show is what she said today: "You are responsible for your own life. Doesn't matter what your mama did, doesn't matter what your father did, YOU are responsible for your own life."

It will free you!!! I love that so much!!!

Wishing nothing but the BEST for her life!!!!

Oprah Winfrey show 1986-2011

25 years...

*** I'm sitting here crying watching the 11:00 am news showing clips of the last show cause I still can't believe it's over!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!***** Uh and yall know I don't ever cry!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dollface and Auntie O

My Dollface got to perform at the finale Spectacular for Oprah!!! Do yall even know how awesome this was for her???? Let me tell you she was in seventh heaven!!!

Oprah had a topic on her website about Chicago moms do you have a daughter between the ages of 8-17. So I told her mom and a couple other people to go ahead and submit according to the website to see if the girls could get on the show. Well they called one of my other friends first and then they called Dollface. Baby bye!!!! We were soooooooooooooo frantic to receive a call from the producers of Oprah. They made sure we didn't tell anyone and they stressed this over and over again. It had to be a secret until the day of the taping because the media was going to be all over it.

They found out Sunday that Dakota Fanning and Beyonce' were going to be the celebs they were performing with onstage. How Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They rehearsed for two days and the girls met both Bey and Dakota. Dollface said she was never washing her hand after Bey shaked every girls' hand. 60 girls in all. The actual day of taping she saw sooooooooooo many celebs and she had the biggest smile on her little face!!! This is something she will remember for the rest of her life.

Only one parent could accompany Dollface, so her mommy got the golden ticket!!! Whoo Hoo!!! What a blessing huh? They were in the greenroom and her mom said the room at the United Center was simply awesome. She got to watch the entire show. Her mom was really excited too, as we all were.

Dollface went to school today totally excited to share her awesome, once in a lifetime experience with her classmates and some of the mean girls in her class cut her down. They told her they didn't want to hear it and to shut up cause nobody cared. Simply rude and jealous little heffas!!! That hurt her feelings but she said the older girls were excited for her and the boys in her class were happy as well. I was glad about that but you know how I feel about my doll. I hate it when her feelings are hurt and these girls make me wanna cold snap!!!

I went to see her today and my mom asked her for her autograph because she was now our little celebrity. She smiled from ear to ear!!!

Her grandmother is hosting a viewing party on Monday morning when the show airs here. Going all out with mimosas and a big breakfast/brunch buffet. The doll will be in school this day as she missed two days this week due to the very late rehearsal times and the 4 hour taping last night. That baby needs her 10-12 hours of sleep or else she is noooooooooooooo good!! LOL!!!

Gotta love the Dollface!!

Auntie O and her staff RAWK!!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Big things poppin' for the dollface. More details soon!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011


I know you won't believe it but the very next day. My exercise guru and I went out for lunch and were in the vicinity of Harpo Studios. So I asked if we could go over the Oprah store because we, mom and I, didn't get a chance to get to the store when we were there the day before. Guru was like yeah, but she didn't really wanna go cause she wanted a few minutes to herself at home before her kids came home from school. I get that, I really do. But she drove us over there anyways. While I was in line purchasing my O goodies, the cashier asked if we wanted to go see the show. Picture me with my mouth WIDE OPEN!!!! I told her I was at a taping yesterday and she said it was cool, they were pulling us from the store and there would be no problem. I started doing a dance!!!! Going to the Oprah Show TWO DAYS IN A ROW???? Never ever happens!!!!! But it did and we went!!! Mind ya we were not dressed to the nines like most people that go to the show but who cares we were getting to see Oprah baby and we didn't have to stand in any lines either!!! They searched us and lead us right into the studio for the Freedom Riders taping.

Such a deep show man. Oprah got really emotional and had to do a retake a couple of times. Oh she had on a red dress this day and some bad azz green shoes!!!! Love her!!!

PBS is airing a special on May 16th so please tune in. I never knew the horrors the Freedom Riders went through. They were sent to prison even. One person brought Oprah a pair of prison shorts they wore during their stay at Parchment. Like I said the show was deep!!!!

As we were leaving they gave us the book Freedom Riders and the dvd too.

I can't believe my luck!!! I had never ever been to a taping and then wham, I get to go two days in a row. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Oh and I saw one of my friends in the Oprah store. She was in the morning taping with Shania Twain. Uh, they got a trip!!!! Yeah a 2 day trip to Nashville and a big party with Shania. LUCKY HEFFA!!!! But I ain't mad I got a bike, a helmet, a book, a dvd AND I got to see Oprah two days in a row!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Now only if I can get in on this last show at the United Center!!!!

One can only wish right?