Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oprah takes her final bow...

Today was the last day of the Oprah Winfrey show and to me it's kinda surreal. I mean I have been watching Oprah since 1984 here in Chicago. A couple of years before she went national. I'm in denial about this really!!! I arranged my college classes around Oprah lol!! She was smart as hell, cool, crazy, funny, interesting, blessed, a blessing! Finally someone who looked like me and represented me was on the air!! For the past few weeks my friends and I have been swept up in the finale (of course with our Dollface being on the show and all)the end of an era as we know it and it brings about a certain sadness. I mean really we call each other and ask, "Did you see Oprah today?" So now that it's over what are we gonna do without her???? I know yall must be thinking this chick is nuts, Oprah is just a talk show host. To me she is sooooooooo much more!!! To watch how giving she is and how she used the show to promote so many people and things is just a phenomenal thing!!!! Oprah is the gift that keeps on giving!!!

On this last show she truly gave God the Glory, Honor and Praise. I mean she straight out said I'm talking about G-O-D!!!! Go head Oprah. Her last words were, to God be the Glory!!!! Shoot I had goosebumps and was shouting up and thru this house!!!

25 years, that's a long time without misssing a day!!! She never missed a show in 25 YEARS!!!! WOW!!! That's some dedication for that azz!!! I love her man!!! I wish her the best at OWN!!! But the spoiled, always wants my way, self wants my Auntie Oprah show still. *sigh*

The bell just rang, how awesome!!! Mom's bike from the Oprah Show was delivered today. I mean ok too cool!!! :-)I just mailed off my certificate for my bike today. Yall know how I procrastinate!!!

The one thing (of many) that I will take from the show is what she said today: "You are responsible for your own life. Doesn't matter what your mama did, doesn't matter what your father did, YOU are responsible for your own life."

It will free you!!! I love that so much!!!

Wishing nothing but the BEST for her life!!!!

Oprah Winfrey show 1986-2011

25 years...

*** I'm sitting here crying watching the 11:00 am news showing clips of the last show cause I still can't believe it's over!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!***** Uh and yall know I don't ever cry!!!!!!!!!!


  1. 25 years is a long time. I can't wait to see her next journey.

  2. i can't believe it's OVER!!!! i am not sure if i am really feeling the OWN network. i will have to check in every now and then on that! :)

    sounds like you're off to great start for the summer!