Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dollface and Auntie O

My Dollface got to perform at the finale Spectacular for Oprah!!! Do yall even know how awesome this was for her???? Let me tell you she was in seventh heaven!!!

Oprah had a topic on her website about Chicago moms do you have a daughter between the ages of 8-17. So I told her mom and a couple other people to go ahead and submit according to the website to see if the girls could get on the show. Well they called one of my other friends first and then they called Dollface. Baby bye!!!! We were soooooooooooooo frantic to receive a call from the producers of Oprah. They made sure we didn't tell anyone and they stressed this over and over again. It had to be a secret until the day of the taping because the media was going to be all over it.

They found out Sunday that Dakota Fanning and Beyonce' were going to be the celebs they were performing with onstage. How Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They rehearsed for two days and the girls met both Bey and Dakota. Dollface said she was never washing her hand after Bey shaked every girls' hand. 60 girls in all. The actual day of taping she saw sooooooooooo many celebs and she had the biggest smile on her little face!!! This is something she will remember for the rest of her life.

Only one parent could accompany Dollface, so her mommy got the golden ticket!!! Whoo Hoo!!! What a blessing huh? They were in the greenroom and her mom said the room at the United Center was simply awesome. She got to watch the entire show. Her mom was really excited too, as we all were.

Dollface went to school today totally excited to share her awesome, once in a lifetime experience with her classmates and some of the mean girls in her class cut her down. They told her they didn't want to hear it and to shut up cause nobody cared. Simply rude and jealous little heffas!!! That hurt her feelings but she said the older girls were excited for her and the boys in her class were happy as well. I was glad about that but you know how I feel about my doll. I hate it when her feelings are hurt and these girls make me wanna cold snap!!!

I went to see her today and my mom asked her for her autograph because she was now our little celebrity. She smiled from ear to ear!!!

Her grandmother is hosting a viewing party on Monday morning when the show airs here. Going all out with mimosas and a big breakfast/brunch buffet. The doll will be in school this day as she missed two days this week due to the very late rehearsal times and the 4 hour taping last night. That baby needs her 10-12 hours of sleep or else she is noooooooooooooo good!! LOL!!!

Gotta love the Dollface!!

Auntie O and her staff RAWK!!!!!


  1. Aww, go Dollface! I'll be DVRing the episode and looking for her on stage. #Ihatemeangirls!

  2. soooooo much fun! i am so happy for her! she will remember this forever and a day! mean girls are not cool! thumbs down to them!