Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mostly workout randoms

I can not believe March is history baby, buh bye!!!

One more day and I will be 45 Whoo Hoo!!!

Dollface asked again were we going to Florida? Do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face and lie to that kid? I hope I don't bust out with, "We're going to DisneyWorld!!!" I'm such a kid when it comes to stuff like that.

I guess it takes me back to my childhood where we went just about every year. I remember when Disney had tickets you had to tear out of a book to be able to ride the rides. LOL!!! Now you just stand in line forever and a day to get on one. FUN!!!!

My friend and fitness buddy extraordinaire has me getting up at 4am so we will be at the gym by 5am to workout. Her azz is crazy!!!! Getting out of my warm comfortable bed is THE hardest thing to do in the world. I mean really me and mornings, we don't get along at all!!! But when your workout is done and you have the entire rest of your day to kick back, WINNING!!!!!

I hate the stairmaster. NO I really, really hate it. It makes me cringe at the sight of it and her azz (fitness guru) will stay on that sucka for an hour.

I'm up to a whopping 6 minutes. Don't laugh!!! That's the hardest 6 minutes of my entire life!! I be sweating and praying God let this time pass by quickly and then I look down and all of 15 seconds have ticked by. I almost cried on it the other day. Soooo not looking forward to that joker. But I remember when I couldn't do the elliptical but for about 5-7 minutes and now I'm up to 60 minutes on it.

Working out and cute hair do not go together man!!! I am a natural sista and when I get my hair done I like to make it last for as long as possible but when you have someone on your tail working you out like a hebrew slave daily, that cute hair is OVER!!!

I worked out 21 days in March. Hell that awesome for me!!!

April 1st and I will be at the healthclub bright and early. No more workouts til Monday cause I plan on celebrating this entire weekend with libations, friends, good food and fun.

Oh and cute hair ;-)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Random stuff

Well in a few more weeks my dollface will be on her spring break and she has requested a trip to the house of the mouse. Soooooooo guess we'll be heading down to sunny Florida!!!! WHoooooooo Hooooooooooo!!! I can't wait and this time it better be warm. The last time we went it was record breaking cold. Yeah March 2009!! Cold as all get out.

I miss watching 24 every week but just heard it from the man himself that 24 WILL def be a movie!!!! They start shooting in January and hopefully it will open the summer of 2012!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! GET EM' Jack!!!

My exercise guru is back from her 10 week stint in Texas and baby she has been kicking my azz big time!!! She is no joke!!! I need it!! I hate her at times but I need her!!!! LOL!!

My cousin Mike who was diagnosed with brain cancer shortly after I was diagnosed has been put on hospice care. After 8 brain surgeries they said that's about all they can do. But God has the last word.

It's officially Spring so bring on the nice weather. Chicago had a rough winter man and I'm over it.

I'm a judge for a ball/cotillion type thingy this coming Friday. I can't wait to see how this is gonna go. Yall know I'm stoopid. I hope it goes smoothly. Last year the parents were GHETTO as hell. I think they had to call security. LOL!!!

My troubled soul is out from behind bars. That kid still keeps me on my knees praying for him. I love him but baby, Oooohhhh Weee!!!

I bought Zumba for Wii and uh, I don't care for it too much. It's really showing me how uncoordinated I am. LOL!! I let Dollface do a few of the dances and she was like this kinda sucks. Haaaaaaaaaa!!!

Went over to a friends house and they have the MJ experience and OH MY!!!!!!!! That is soooooooo much fun!!!!!! I'm always sooooooo late!!! I need to take this Zumba crap back and get MJ!!! Hee Hee!!!

Saggin' should die a very quick death. I absolutely hate that style and it seems it just will not go away hell!!! Pull up your damn pants IDIOTS!!!!!!!!

One of my bffs suggested a book that is soooooooo good by Mary Higgins Clark, The Shadow of Your Smile. Such a good read!!!

Saw the movie Limitless last Saturday. Bradley Cooper rocks!!! Awesome movie. Keeps your attention the whole movie!!! Going to see it again very soon.

It's currently a thunderstorm right now. Huh, yeah spring baby. Supposed to get snow showers by the end of the week. Yeah Florida is looking mighty good!!!!

Myfitnesspal is a program that you can download on the computer or your iPhone or iPad and it is the greatest tool for helping me stay on point with my food and exercise. I should be about 10lbs lighter in the next couple of weeks according to it. The program is free which is even better.

Oh yeah still addicted to my iPad. Love, love, love it soooooooo much. Like Oprah said I shouldn't love a thing so much but I do, I really, really do.

I will be 45 in a couple of weeks ;-) That makes me happy. I made it!!!! And striving to be a little better each and every day.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I was talking to my brother earlier today and he was telling me about one of his co-workers who has cancer, for the second time. *sigh*

You have to understand, my brother isn't one of those extremely caring types. He's actually pretty damn narcissitic if you will. He's sooooooo strange to me but of course I love him, we're all we've got.

Oh sometimes he'll straight up confuse the hell outta me. Like when he totally spoils Dollface. He treats that kid like a true princess!!!

Or when I got diagnosed with cancer. Dude cried and was worried sick.

But with anybody else, meh. He's kinda cold and kinda cruel. I say kinda cause well, he seems like he might have an iota of a heart sometimes. Other times hell I think he's straight up insane in the membrane and a know-it-all azz!!!

His co-worker contacted me when I was going through treatment and of course I called and thanked her. So when I found out that her cancer had come back I was saddened.

cancer sucks!! I mean really and truly sucks!!!!

He let me know last week and told me to text her to let her know I was thinking of her and praying for her. So of course I did and she responded a day or so later. She told me her cancer came back in her spinal column and that she had contracted menningitis. UGH!!!! She hadn't yet started treatment because she had to first get well from having menningitis. This was a couple of days ago.

Fast forward to today and my brother says last rites were performed and she's on a morphine drip in the hospital and is hardly responding :(

I'm praying for a peaceful transition for her and that she knows that people love and care for her and that soon she will be cancer free.

Godspeed Martina!

Monday, March 7, 2011


The radiologist called me today and told me that all my results from the biopsy weren't back yet but the ones that were back, were showing no signs of cancer!!!!! He called about an hour later and said that every single tissue sample came back negative!!!!

Praise Jesus!!!!

No more tests for at least 3 months!!!! Unless my crazy oncologist finds something else unusual. But really I feel great right now!!!

I was a wee bit stressed out earlier today. I was eating breakfast and all of the sudden I felt really, really sick! Guess the tummy wasn't feeling breakfast and it all came up. So I went and made a cup of peppermint tea to calm my stomach and that helped greatly.

You know this cancer thing is a trip. You try really hard not to think about it but hell it just grips you when you least expect it. I kept telling myself that I couldn't do it again. I COULD NOT go through chemo again!!!! I am so extremely overjoyed that I don't have to do that again. So very glad ;-)


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Biopsy done

Scared to death, not quite but I didn't sleep but two hours last night. I played some good, positive and healing music last night and I felt like I was ready and that God has the last say in this crazy life of mine.

I checked in at noon and they took me in right away. I then went and put on my snazzy designer hospital gown and the fun and games began.

They gave me a shot to numb me and then the doctor took four tissue samples and then another mammogram and this is where the trouble began!!! I still have my portacath and they smashed it in the machine. I thought I'd hit the roof!!! Pain, pain and more pain. They took 6 pics and I ran my butt outta there!!! I get my results on Monday. *sigh* Gonna be a longggggggggg weekend.

It's that time of year again

Yall know how my Dollface gets down every year at school with the Heritage Awards. Yes this is like the 5 or 6th time she's been selected to take part and once again we had to have a talk BEFOREHAND. I told little chica that there would be no pouting, no crying and no bad sportsmanship. I also let her know that if she acted a plum fool this year if her team by chance didn't come in first place, that I would not be coming back to support her ever again. Uh yall know that was a lie but I had to say something to let her know that all that snotting and crying wasn't cute.

Her team came in third place...

I don't even have to tell yall that she wasn't pleased right?

This is the first time in years where we didn't have to hug it out cause she fixed her face real quick when she saw me give her the eye!

Love this kid ;-)