Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Rambling

Oh what a glorious morning!!!!!!! I love it when I wake up and the sun is shining, the birds are chirping *not too loud little birdies* LOL and it's warm and beautiful. My windows are open and it just feels wonderful. That's what got me through this past winter. Waiting for moments like this cause baby, ooh chile this past winter was a doozy!! I kept telling myself summer is coming just hold on. Soon enough you will have the windows open with the warm summer breezes coming in and all will be well.


I love the summer. My dad loved the summer too. Shoot any given weekend he'd pack up his fishing gear, pull out his boat and be gone!!! I miss those days but I know there's gotta be some fishing going on in heaven right? Yeah doesn't the Word say something about making "fishers of men?"

Yeah pontificate on dat for a minute!!!

Yesterday at the speakers series a lady brought me my own portable, battery operated fan.


God is too good to me honey.

A few weeks ago I told her how cute hers was and that I must go out and find one. Shoot she wrapped it up for me and everything!!! It will come in super handy when I break out into one of those many, many hot flashes!!! Another lady in the group calls it a power surge. Bring em' on if it's good for me!!!

Yesterday we took Dollface to the beach for the first time this summer. Girlfriend was lovin' it as usual. When we were leaving she asked when were we coming back?

Gotta love kids! Gonna try and take her 2 cousins the next time we go.

The Taste of Chicago starts this Friday and runs til July 5th. You know that ultimate food and music fest. Got my discounted tickets last week and I'll be making my way through the many booths with foil and zip lock bags in tow, cause I can't throw down anymore. A little bite of this and a little bite of that and I'm done. LOL!!! is addicting. Yep I've been bitten.

One more chemo session to go, just one more!!!!!!!

Thank You Jesus for holding it down! I got through this only by your Grace and Mercy!!

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday wrap up

Wow it's already Sunday night and boy am I exhausted!!!!!!!! It finally has heated up here in Chicago and I love it but with these hot flashes, man I'm a flippin' mess!!!!!!!

It's also Father's Day so I salute all you dads out there doing your thang. I mean really holding it down. Not that bullish I gotta babysit my kids crap. Cut that mess out. You don't babysit your own kids, who even says shit like that? Whatev!!!!

To my brother, who has no kids either but loves Dollface like she's his own. Man that little girl adores him. She wrote an essay about her Gaga (that's what she calls him) in school and received an excellent grade on it. She said he was the person she admired the most. Damn smack in the face to her biological and that's for sure.

I was pretty busy running around with Dollface's oldest sister today, so I didn't have a chance to get weepy from missing my own beautiful dad. For years I totally forgot this day. Hated even thinking about him not being here. It just downright sucked. I'm much better now. I mean I didn't even cry today, that's huge for me. When it comes to my daddy, the tears be a flowing, fast and furious.

Let's see after service this morning we went to Target to register this child for a trunk party she is having in August. Her little boyfriend met us there too. He's also leaving for college and registered as well. Shoot he got there an hour after we were there and I took my happy butt to the car and chilled. Then we went to K-Mart for them to register there and then to Bed, Bath and Beyond, for them to register there. Then to Bath and Body for her to pick up some personal stuff while the sale is still on. Then I was like ya girl here gotta get home and take some meds. I was feeling kinda pukey. They wanted to go to Wally World but I was like not today kids, hellous to the nous!!!!

We stopped at Portillos and got some grub cause the little boyfriend was soooooooo hungry, as he kept telling us LOL!!!! Ari and I took the majority of our food home with us. I wasn't really hungry at all. I shouldn't have ordered anything. I hate wasting money on food out in the street now. I can never eat half of the crap I order. *sigh* Eyes still bigger than my damn stomach.

Well I dropped him off at the train and took her home and I went home and changed outta my church clothes, took that hot ass wig off and got into my snoopy pjs and seriously chilled!!! It was after six when I got home. I was sooooooooo tired!!!!!!

Yesterday we went and celebrated my brother, his best friend and his girlfriend's birthday at Chi-Tung restaurant. Their food is yummy but of course I brought food home and it's in the fridge. I have food in the freezer from two weeks ago when we celebrated the graduates from the same restaurant. We need a deep freezer cause we waste so much food by just putting it in the fridge vs. the freezer.

I haven't really eaten too much of anything this whole weekend and baby for that I'm glad. That means these extra pounds I picked up will be coming off. I don't know if it's the sudden heat and humidity that's taking away my appetite or my last chemo treatment but whatever hell I'm good. I've been eating the heck outta these cherries. They are soooooooo tasty!!!!

Tomorrow I see my oncologist and we will discuss radiation again. I soooooo am not thrilled at what the hell they have to do to me. Something about an intravaginal device and laying on my back for days without getting up. Sounds like hell to me but then again I don't know what hell is like do I? Shit I think I do. This has been some hellacious bullshit and I'm sooooo ready to be done with all of this mess never to repeat it again. LOL!!!! Well actually not so loud, kinda silent if you will. *shrugs shoulders*

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Randomness

I had a very full weekend and it's taking a toll on me. I must learn to listen to my body and relax a lot more than what I'm doing. Honestly I don't do a lot while I'm going through this treatment but sometimes fatigue hits hard and I'm like "WHOA!"

Dollface and her two cousins stayed over on Friday nite. I swear when those little girls get together it's a loud, laughing, good time. The weather was rainy and gloomy pretty much the whole day Saturday so I couldn't take them to the park. They didn't care just as long as they got to play Barbies and the like, they were cool.

Did I tell yall I let Dollface take her AG doll home last year? Yeah I did. The doll stayed here for a year and then she asked could the doll go home with her one weekend and of course I said yes. I'm never buying another one and that's for sure. So if something happens to her at her house, then oh well.

Why did I see a look alike doll at Mich.aels the other day for like $80.00 less??? Where the hell was this heffa two years ago???? LOL!!!!!!!

That will be a birthday present for this year, or for Christmas. Yall know I stash stuff all year long for my baby girl!!

Went to the hospital for lab work to see if I have chemo tomorrow. That last of the 3 series shots wore me out!!!! My body was all achey and sore. Like I had ran a marathon or something. Tyl.enol Rapid release is my new best friend.

Getting all kinds of blog love. Believer thanks babe!!! Got your postcard the other day! Hugs and kisses to you and that precious J.

I had two parties to attend this past weekend. I punked out of one and went to the other one. Here's a little bit of the action from it.

Little dude was workin' it out!! My brother's girlfriend was wearing the white pants and black and white top. We were celebrating her birthday. Had a good time but only stayed a very short time. Too many old ass playa pimps up in there for me. LOL!!! Nah but for real I can't hang right now. The body was saying let's go home. I listened.

Fat and fab on GMA this morning, yeah good for you, not good for me. My azz is gaining weight and I am not happy. Don't know if it's all the chemo drugs or what I'm putting in my mouth. I opt for the latter and I'm changing that ish right now. Fresh fruits and veggies all week long. With lean protein thrown in for good measure. I can't be stressin' about my weight right now. That should be the least of my worries, ya know.

Soccer season is starting.

Bug spray - check

Soccer chairs in the trunk - check

Water bottles chilled - check

Camera and batteries - check

Fanny pack cause I ain't carrying no purse out on the field LOL - check.

Took the Element to the dealer for an oil change and of course I needed a major checkup. *sigh*

I suck at knitting! No, I really suck at it!! Been about 6 weeks and I still ain't knitted nothing but a few rows. I'm not quitting, not just yet.

Two days in a row of nice weather. :-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Semi Wordless Wednesday

Lady Lee you rock Oldgirl!!!! Thank you so much. I love it, it's soooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dollface baby

My girl worked really hard this year! She made the honor roll for the 3rd and 4th marking period. That math was kicking her butt the first two periods but she hung tough and brought her grade up substantially.

She received 13 certificates today and as you can tell she was way happy, couldn't even stand still. Chica is hilarious!!!!!!!!

Out of all the students in her class only she and another student received perfect attendance for the entire year. During our heinous, crazy, blizzardy winter, Dollface was determined to go to school!!!!

I loves me some Dollface baby. Even if she does get a little flip at the mouth every blue moon. That's my girly girl and I'm oh so proud of her!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Random stuff

This weekend was pretty full with activities. On Saturday we celebrated two very special graduates. My Dollface baby's oldest sister graduated from high school and her cousin graduated from the eighth grade. About thirty of us gathered at our favorite Chinese, Japanese and Thai restaurant for a combined party and you know we had a good time. The after party was held at my bff's house where we had cake and punch.

Then on Sunday I went to my first Survivor's Day Prayer Breakfast. Oh and ya gurl here was asked on the Friday before, to do the second reading for the mass.


I am sooooooo not a public speaker but my mom and bff said for me to do it, so I did. They recorded it but the sound wasn't really picked up at all on my camera.

I'm proud of myself because for one I went without my wig. I'm kinda tired of it and my hotflashes are intense. So I don't think I'll be sporting the wig all the time during summer. I don't know how folks wear alla that hair if they don't have to and two because I spoke in front of a room full of people with just an itsty bit of fear.

Fear= False evidence appearing real

I just said whatever man, just do it and I did!!!!!! Yay me!!!!!!!

When I got home Sunday afternoon there was a message from the hospital telling me that my white blood cell count was waaaaaaaaayyyyyy low and of course my chemo had to be postponed and I have to get the Neupogen shot again. So I went today for the shot and I go again tomorrow and Wednesday. Then next week on Monday I go for labs to see if the shots worked and if so chemo will be on Tuesday.

You know this schedule change will have me being on chemo directly before the 4th of July which SUCKSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I was supposed to be finished by the end of this month so I could be fully recouped before the holiday.

Shaking it off....

Got some stuff planned for the summer. Mostly hanging out with friends and just enjoying life. The weather was warm today, THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!! I'm so ready for summer. I absolutely love warm weather. Makes me feel wonderful, you know I loves me some sun!!!!!!

Going to the beach at least once a week, if I get it ok'd by the doc. My little immune system is whacked!!!!!!

Don't you hate it when you buy something and think it looks fab and then you get it home and wear it and are like, damn this ain't that hawt. That happened to me. Damn dress is tooooo big but I wore it and took all the tags off, so it won't be going back. Gotta get it altered

~ Bunny rolls eyes~

My brother kinda hurt my feelings unknowingly. He laughed at my bald head. Said it wasn't cute. He's a big fan of hair. Chump!!!!!!! Told me not to embarass Dollface by going up to her school without a scarf or hat on. I went without one the other day and she was MORTIFIED!!!!!
Through clenched teeth she told me to put my hat on. I told her she'd better get her little azz in the car and never tell me WHAT TO DO!!! I'm the adult, she's the child. Hmph!!!!!!!

Just when I thought I'd gotten over my paranoia of going out sans hat.

I wore the hat today when I went to get her.


Kentucky grilled chicken is blah. My chicken is much better, to me. Mom loves it (KGC) like it's crack or something.


I went to BnB for the semi-annual sale like I always do. I bought $56.00 worth of stuff and then promptly returned all of it the next day.

Impulse shopping is so not cute.

Especially when your azz is on a tight, tight budget.


My Element needs an oil change so that is a must this week.

Boston Baked Beans are still good to me after all these years, danggggggg!!!!!

I put a couple teaspoons of ground cinnamon in my coffee maker and the coffee tastes just so rich and delish!!!!!!!!

Must pick up some more Kahlua and Kreme coffee from M.arsh.alls. Yummmm!!!!!! It's decaf too btw.

Met a lady (Uterine cancer survivor) Sunday at the Survivor's day breakkie and she told me after radiation her stuff is jacked up so much that she MUST do Kegel exercises EVERYDAY or else it's a done deal. Thanks lady, I didn't need to hear that. Especially after my doc told me last week that I MUST have radiation.

*Chanting to self* Everyone's journey is different, everyone's journey is different, everyone's journey is different.

Going to see my Dollface tomorrow at the awards assembly. I've already broke it down to her. We do not cry if we don't win every.damn.thing!!!

Yall know that child is too competitive and will pout and cry in a heartbeat if she ain't the top dawg in every category. She said ok, but yeah we'll see!!!!!!!!

Love them NJ housewives!!!! Them chicks are crazy!!!!! My absolute favorite from the NY cast is Betheny!!!!!!! That woman needs to be on a stage somewhere cause baby, her comedic timing is on point!!!!!!! She is hysterical, for real!!!!!! Loves me some her man!!!!!!!

Summer fruits are so dang good. I had peaches today and they were cold, sweet and hit the spot!!!!!

Why are cherries soooooo expensive, dang!!!!!!!

My cousin also graduated over the weekend. She now holds a Master's Degree. Get it chica!!!!!! I'm so proud of her. She wants to teach the children. I love it!!!!!!

I just found out LC is leaving The Hills.

*Don't tell nobody I watch them heffas*

A friend I haven't been in touch with for years, responded to me on That made me smile.

I'm learning how to knit and it's funny as hell!!!!!!!

Ok I'm done, going to bed, goodnite!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is it June?

Is it freakin' fall here or what. Damn it's June folks and I'm sitting here bundled up like it's a late fall evening. I mean it's downright cold here!!!! Talking about it might dip into the 40's or 30's tonight. I ain't trying to hear none of this bull. Bring on the warm weather. I'm more than ready for it. Reading forcasts all over the country and it's warm everywhere 'cept here. Shoot I wanted to wear my cute sandals this weekend to my little play niece's graduation dinner. I might have to opt for boots.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Genetic testing

That was a total bust. I went for testing to see if I carry the gene for colorectal cancer right? Well after I took the blood test and had it shipped to the lab in Utah, how bout they called me and said my insurance was not going to cover the cost and I would have to pay for it out of pocket.

Yeah and guess where that test went?

In the garbage!!!!

Honestly I can not afford a test that costs two grand. No way no how!!!

So the genetic counselor told me that I just have to get screened for colorectal cancer more closely from now on.

Uh how bout we could have done that in the beginning?

Saw my OD today and she put it on my lab work for this coming week.

Now how simple was that???