Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday wrap up

Wow it's already Sunday night and boy am I exhausted!!!!!!!! It finally has heated up here in Chicago and I love it but with these hot flashes, man I'm a flippin' mess!!!!!!!

It's also Father's Day so I salute all you dads out there doing your thang. I mean really holding it down. Not that bullish I gotta babysit my kids crap. Cut that mess out. You don't babysit your own kids, who even says shit like that? Whatev!!!!

To my brother, who has no kids either but loves Dollface like she's his own. Man that little girl adores him. She wrote an essay about her Gaga (that's what she calls him) in school and received an excellent grade on it. She said he was the person she admired the most. Damn smack in the face to her biological and that's for sure.

I was pretty busy running around with Dollface's oldest sister today, so I didn't have a chance to get weepy from missing my own beautiful dad. For years I totally forgot this day. Hated even thinking about him not being here. It just downright sucked. I'm much better now. I mean I didn't even cry today, that's huge for me. When it comes to my daddy, the tears be a flowing, fast and furious.

Let's see after service this morning we went to Target to register this child for a trunk party she is having in August. Her little boyfriend met us there too. He's also leaving for college and registered as well. Shoot he got there an hour after we were there and I took my happy butt to the car and chilled. Then we went to K-Mart for them to register there and then to Bed, Bath and Beyond, for them to register there. Then to Bath and Body for her to pick up some personal stuff while the sale is still on. Then I was like ya girl here gotta get home and take some meds. I was feeling kinda pukey. They wanted to go to Wally World but I was like not today kids, hellous to the nous!!!!

We stopped at Portillos and got some grub cause the little boyfriend was soooooooo hungry, as he kept telling us LOL!!!! Ari and I took the majority of our food home with us. I wasn't really hungry at all. I shouldn't have ordered anything. I hate wasting money on food out in the street now. I can never eat half of the crap I order. *sigh* Eyes still bigger than my damn stomach.

Well I dropped him off at the train and took her home and I went home and changed outta my church clothes, took that hot ass wig off and got into my snoopy pjs and seriously chilled!!! It was after six when I got home. I was sooooooooo tired!!!!!!

Yesterday we went and celebrated my brother, his best friend and his girlfriend's birthday at Chi-Tung restaurant. Their food is yummy but of course I brought food home and it's in the fridge. I have food in the freezer from two weeks ago when we celebrated the graduates from the same restaurant. We need a deep freezer cause we waste so much food by just putting it in the fridge vs. the freezer.

I haven't really eaten too much of anything this whole weekend and baby for that I'm glad. That means these extra pounds I picked up will be coming off. I don't know if it's the sudden heat and humidity that's taking away my appetite or my last chemo treatment but whatever hell I'm good. I've been eating the heck outta these cherries. They are soooooooo tasty!!!!

Tomorrow I see my oncologist and we will discuss radiation again. I soooooo am not thrilled at what the hell they have to do to me. Something about an intravaginal device and laying on my back for days without getting up. Sounds like hell to me but then again I don't know what hell is like do I? Shit I think I do. This has been some hellacious bullshit and I'm sooooo ready to be done with all of this mess never to repeat it again. LOL!!!! Well actually not so loud, kinda silent if you will. *shrugs shoulders*

Happy Father's Day!!!!


  1. Well when you see your oncologist, girl walk in there all bold knowing that God got your back. As for the fathers babysitting their own kids, yeah that sucks. What the heck!! You had a pretty busy day. I hope it wasn't as hot there as it is here.

  2. Last time I saw my 'daddy' my mom called and asked for help with college, while standing infront of him he responds 'how will that benefit me?' lol I don't blink an eye on father's day except to shower my husband who is a wonderful father.

    You had an action packed sunday! Where did the weekend go...

    Thought about you today while driving, haven't had as much internet time as I like to have, fingers crossed and prayers said, everything will work out for your good sister dear.

  3. Hi,

    It sounds like you are feeling pretty decent at this moment. I know a little something about Chicago heat myself-as well as personal summer moments :-)

    God is still in the blessing business. He's walked with you this far and I believe that He is in it until the end. Whatever happens you'll be blessed to see your way through it.