Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Rambling

Oh what a glorious morning!!!!!!! I love it when I wake up and the sun is shining, the birds are chirping *not too loud little birdies* LOL and it's warm and beautiful. My windows are open and it just feels wonderful. That's what got me through this past winter. Waiting for moments like this cause baby, ooh chile this past winter was a doozy!! I kept telling myself summer is coming just hold on. Soon enough you will have the windows open with the warm summer breezes coming in and all will be well.


I love the summer. My dad loved the summer too. Shoot any given weekend he'd pack up his fishing gear, pull out his boat and be gone!!! I miss those days but I know there's gotta be some fishing going on in heaven right? Yeah doesn't the Word say something about making "fishers of men?"

Yeah pontificate on dat for a minute!!!

Yesterday at the speakers series a lady brought me my own portable, battery operated fan.


God is too good to me honey.

A few weeks ago I told her how cute hers was and that I must go out and find one. Shoot she wrapped it up for me and everything!!! It will come in super handy when I break out into one of those many, many hot flashes!!! Another lady in the group calls it a power surge. Bring em' on if it's good for me!!!

Yesterday we took Dollface to the beach for the first time this summer. Girlfriend was lovin' it as usual. When we were leaving she asked when were we coming back?

Gotta love kids! Gonna try and take her 2 cousins the next time we go.

The Taste of Chicago starts this Friday and runs til July 5th. You know that ultimate food and music fest. Got my discounted tickets last week and I'll be making my way through the many booths with foil and zip lock bags in tow, cause I can't throw down anymore. A little bite of this and a little bite of that and I'm done. LOL!!! is addicting. Yep I've been bitten.

One more chemo session to go, just one more!!!!!!!

Thank You Jesus for holding it down! I got through this only by your Grace and Mercy!!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You know, facebook is addicting and so is blogging. I never ever in a million ga-zallion years thought I'd be conversing with my family and friends via an internet site. And I surely never fa-ever, never thought I'd be blogging. But life is good and wayyyyyy too short. Enjoy Chi-town's feast. I'll be ok as I sit here in Pensacola, FL burning up in this 101 degree heat, but thank God for AC - enjoy your Wednesday

  2. The likes of summer in your neighborhood I believe is a welcomed season. Enjoy the beach and good weather!

  3. I always enjoy dropping by your blog home. Your words are so uplifting. May God bless you for blessing me!

  4. I must be slow. I just can't seem to get into FB.

  5. Facebook isn't all that to me. I just don't get twitter and FB. Blogging though is me. Glad you had a good time on the beach. Yeah for one more treatment.