Monday, July 6, 2009

Winding down

I am so glad for tomorrow because it is my very last chemo treatment!!!!!!!!! I'm feeling ecstatic and a little bit hesitant not wanting to jinx anything ya know? God has really held it down for me because I didn't lose my freakin' mind behind this mess. He just gave me that peace that knows no limits. That Jesus peace baby! Oh man God has been sooooooooo good to me. These past few months I have been living a wonderfully, blessed life in spite of my little storm. I just keep telling myself that He hears my prayers and the prayers of many, many others on my behalf. Those who have just stepped up and interceded for me when I was down and didn't think I'd make it. I made it yall!!! I'm celebrating when it's all over, trust and believe.

Right now I'm recovering from mucho partying over the weekend. I haven't been out like that in forever!!! I'm talking getting 4 hours of sleep in two days type of partying. I'm way too old for that ish!!!!!! LOL!!!! But I still made my way to church on Sunday. Gotta give Him all the glory, honor and praise!!!

I love my life right now. I mean I know I have a bunch of shortcomings, we all do, hell!!!!!!! I ain't perfect, my life is not perfect but I'm here!!!!!!!! I'm alive and I'm living and breathing and life is sooooooo good!!!!!! I love all of you all out there for checking in on me and just praying for a sista! Yall are awesome!!!!!!!!

One more freakin', frackin' chemo treatment baby!!!! I am so fucking happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could scream and kick my heels in the air, dangit!!!!!!!! But you know I can't kick no heels in the air. I'd fall and bust my azz for sure!!!!!! Then I'd be back in the hospital for some more crazy mess!!

These past two weeks have been really good for me. Dollface and I went to the Taste of Chicago and we had a good time. We ate a lot of tasty food, saw a bunch of folks, walked down to Buckingham Fountain and took pics and just had a really, relaxing, fun filled, eating day!!!

Last weekend I went to the 40th annual Pride parade and got a bunch of trinkets, beads and goodies. We had a blast watching all the floats and bands. You haven't experienced anything until you experience a pride festival!!!!!!! Many, many glamorous queens strutting their stuff and just workin' it out!!!! Them divas be doing-t it baby!! All in 4 and 5 inch heels. Just a bunch of crazy, adult fun!

This weekend I hung out with one of my good friends, we partied like crazy and ooh boy my butt was ti-red!!!!! We went out for breakkie after clubbing hard at IHOP and she found a piece of brillo pad in her pancakes. Uber gross!!!!!!! I taped it too. We were trippin' hard because the mgr was sooooooo nonchalant about it. Never going to that IHOP again, never, ever, ever!!!

Took the Doll to soccer tonight and she wasn't feelin' it AT ALL. My brother had taken her out earlier to play tennis so chica was whupped!!! I wasn't feelin' it either at one point I asked her was she ready to leave cause I was hell!!! Just being honest here. LOL!!! She didn't want to leave though cause she thought she'd miss getting her snacks.

~Rolls eyes and deep sighs~

Whatfreakin'ever Dollface.

But now I'm resting because the last, last, last chemo treatment is finally here and I'm done and I'm overjoyed!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully it won't do me in too bad. I'll be down for a couple of days and then back to my old self again, I pray.

Baby I can't wait!!!!!!!

The brillo pad incident from this past weekend.


  1. Your Brillo announcement has me giggling!

    I pray for a speedy recovery after this, your last treatment.

    You really were a trooper throughout this ordeal. I'm sure many will recall when they have to deal with their own situations.

    Keep the faith, and keep Him first!

  2. By the way, when is your last chemo treatment again? LOL, just kidding. I can "hear" the happiness in your voice and I'm happy for you. I'll be praying that you'll be up and around before you know it.

  3. Yippeeee! Last freakin frackin chemo treatment!!

  4. Hey Bunny:

    Passing through to see how you are doing! I see you are doing amazing! What a light you are to have so much joy in your spirit despite it all. God is good isn't he? Stay blessed.