Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Dollface

Oh my gosh what an awesome day for my Dollface baby girl! Chica changed her mind about the menu for her tea party at the last minute, no less. Instead of the cutesy finger sandwiches, girlfriend opted for hotdogs. The girl is a mess!!!! So it was about 11 little girls all cute as heck, all dressed up like little cutie patooties!!! The weather was soooo nice. Not too hot, sun shining with blue skies. Just the best day to be out in the yard. They did little arts and crafts type of stuff. Made bracelets, necklaces and friendship pins. Then they ate and played party Bingo. They had a good time!

Tomorrow we're headed to Si.x with her cousins and aunts. Big fun continues!!

Uh pray for me cause I'm tired already!!!!!! LOL!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Dollface!

    Have a great time at the amusement park tomorrow. I sure hope you made yourself go to sleep early tonight. You have a big day tomorrow! ;)

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday at Six Flags. Enjoy!

  3. Six Flags will be a blast, Happy B-day to Dollface!