Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beautiful day!

Today was one of those beautiful days! I took Dollface out to the tennis court, she was whining and pouting the whole time. Girl betta stop playing with me! It's too nice to be cooped up in the house watching tv and playing video games!!!! Plus she needs to practice on her footwork per her tennis instructor. My brother enrolled her in a junior development tennnis program for the summer.


G is a total tennis nut!!!! He played for years in tourneys and such so he feels this is THE game for Dollface. He went and bought all her little shirts, shoes and socks too. Dude wasn't playin'. He said he was doing this for her and he came through. Love him for that.

She plays every Saturday for two hours and babydoll is getting much better. Hopefully she can continue throughout the winter months at the indoor tennis club as well. I'd love it if she could stay active in this sport. V and S Williams anyone?!? LOL!!!!

Anyways I took her out today for an hour and she was.not.happy.about.it.at.all. That is until we got out there and she started having fun hitting the balls back and forth with me. She especially likes it when I miss hitting the ball back to her. *Insert Ti.ger Wo.ods fist pump move here*

It's a big victory to her when she does that. LOL!!!!

It was sooooooo beautiful out. The sun was shining, the sky was an awesome blue and it wasn't too hot. Just made for a good little game of tennis, or practicing playing tennis, if you will.

Now it's looking as if it's gonna rain any minute and my girly girl is reading a book. Godmommy laid the smackdown on her. She hasn't really been doing anything brain stimulating and I need to do my part in not letting that brain go to mush this summer, ya know?

My Oncology nurses called me last week after chemo and told me my iron levels are super low. So now I have to do five weeks of iron infusions to boost it up.

I can do that with no problem. One hour a week for five weeks, easy peasy!!!!

Chemo is over baby!!!!!!!!


Freaking fracking chemo suckkkkkkkkkkksssssss!!!!!!!

I did it, it's over!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aiight yall I gotta go cook dinner.

I've got a big azz smile on my face!!! I'm soooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm coming over for dinner...no cauliflower and stuff that's good for me though.

  2. Thank you for the comment love, you are the sweetest! Glad you and dollface had fun swining the racket, my kid is like that too-hard to get out of the house but then so happy once he is outside. Chemo done? Halleluah!!!!!!

    God is good.

  3. I looove to play tennis, but it's hard finding someone to play with. Thank God for low iron levels - could have been worse.

  4. I've been thinking of you and how excited I am for you that Chemo is OVER! :) All I can think about is the word "CELEBRATE!" Celebrate that it's over. Celebrate that you made it through. Celebrate that you're here. Celebrate life!

    Dollface has a racket. Tennis anyone? :)

  5. I wish you could cook for us...I am hungry, too! I saw some girl on MTV Cribs who was a member of some P Diddy group, Danity Kane, who has a charity and the logo is available on a tshirt as a heart and says " DOLLFACE" I immediately thought of you two and wish I had paid better attention to her name, but cannot stand looking at stank girls trying to flash me their bits on the flat screen...(as much as it cost, that is insulting to me, lol!) Congrats on kicking chemo in the arse and I am doin the Tig.er fist pump for you!