Thursday, July 23, 2009

Random Thursday

Wow this summer is flying by. It's already the end of July and I haven't done half of the things I want to do before it's over. Well we did a couple of things, nothing big, just basic good summer fun stuff.

If ya didn't know chemo is over HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! I'm just tickled pink about that!!!!!! I'm currently getting iron infusions because my iron levels are low. That's nothing new. I've always been anemic. Two down three more to go. Easy peasy!!

Took Dollface out to the tennis courts today. She's getting better every week. Do you know that little girl is just about as tall as me? Hell, she's only 8, she has no right being as tall as her godmother!!!!!! My babydoll is looking me straight in the eye. It's very weird but she's still my dollfaced baby girl!!! Anyway she got quite a few shots over the net that I couldn't return. T.W. fist pumping for days on her end!!!! Hilarious!!!!!!!

My brother has given me a new nickname...Woodstock. He's a fool!!!!!!! My hair is wispy like Snoopy's sidekick, thus the name. But it is growing back!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! By winter I figure it should be fully grown in without my scalp showing. I sure hope my eyebrows grow back too. Now that is some crazy stuff. Hair just falling out like it did. I simply pencil in some lines and throw some mascara on the teeny bit I have left. That gives a little illusion of brows.

My weight is definitely playing tricks on me. Every three weeks during chemo I would lose and gain like 10-15 pounds. Uh how come I'm about 20-25 pounds heavier than I was when I was first diagnosed. *Shakes fists* Those damn steroids!!!!! I told yall I was gone blow up behind them suckas!!!!!!!!!

Working out and eating better is going to bring it back down I hope. Just have to stay motivated to lose the extra I gained during treatment and get some more off too!! My cute summer clothes from last year are now tight!!!! YIKES!!!!!!! I don't play wearing clothes that don't fit and every time you bend over your azz crack or muffin top is showing. OH HELLZ NAW!!!!!!!!! Not cute Bunny!!!!!! Not cute at all!!!

The Doll will be 9 come Sunday. She's having a tea party. Lawd help us. It's going to be super cute I hope. Why did she just call me and tell me to make lem.on That chile, I swear she cracks me up!!!!!! So I'll make em tomorrow cause Saturday we will be running around with tennis lessons and seeing Shorty Boss sing in a fake Ameri.can I.dol type of competition. Then church on Sunday and of course her party. I'm tired already. LOL!

I'm scheduled for a radiation appt next week. Uh, not looking forward to it but I know I have to do it. UGH!!!!!!!

My car will be paid off this year, Hallelujah!!!!!!!!! And I only have like 23,000 miles on it. Yep 6 years old and very little mileage!!! Yes sir!!!!!!!

MJ's passing was so surreal to me. I could hardly believe it. I surely hope his soul has found peace. Did you know that my MJ (Mick Jagger) and the king of pop collaborataed back in the 80's and had a hit called State of Shock? I loved that song, then and still do now!!!! I love anything with Mick in it. I'm a huge fan/stan whatever you want to call it!!!!!!

Single women who go after married men make me sick! I mean really what type of desperate heffa are you? I'm so damn glad that I'm not insecure and have to seek out attention by any means necessary. Just a nasty ass mess! Just UGH. Get away from me with that BS!!!!!! I'll never, ever have you around any of my married friends cause you just reek of desperateness. Gross!!!!!!! As a matter of fact I'm keeping you at a distance too. Don't want any of that grime rubbing off on me!!!!!!! And these are supposed to be people who are wrapped up in the Word. Just a big ole nasty mess!!!!!!

My troubled soul is in trouble again. I've said my prayers. That's about all I can do for him. It pains me but there is absolutely nothing I can do for him now. One of these days he is going to learn, or not. *shrugs shoulders*

After I get a clean bill of health from my many, many doctors, my ass is going to look for a job! I need to get back out there amongst the working folk!

Bi.g brot.her is back on again. I love this crazy show!!!!! Every summer I'm glued to the tv!!!! Wacky and outrageous folks make me laugh my butt off!!!!!! That house is totally dysfunctional and you know that makes for some good azz tv!!!!!

I so love my good girlfriends. These chicks will have you cracking the hell up til your sides ache!!!!! Planning a getaway with three of them next month.

Now that is going to be fun!!!!


  1. I just missed my flight but least I get some time to leave a little note on your blog. Thanks for the well wishes. Glad to hear things are coming together and you're having fun with dollface for the summer with tennis etc.


  2. Happy Birthday to Dollface!
    I know what you mean bout folks supposed to be living in the light or the word, scouting other womens men...My grandmother and her sister used to call them "wife thief's" When I would try to correct her, the sister would pipe in... " That heffer stole that womans husband" LOL! They were such a riot.
    I am watching Survivor from 3 different countries...The Swedes are too damn cheap to pay for current TV so we lucky we can get this!

  3. I have a few projects left to do before school starts as well, but swimming lessons and play dates get in the way. ;)

    Enjoy your upcoming trip with your girlfriends!