Thursday, July 30, 2009

Radiation begins today

I'm on my way to my first radiation treatment. You know how excited I am right? Yeah not so much! I asked how long the procedure would take and the lady on the phone said about an hour or two. I'm clicking my heels in the air again!!! I can soooooo do this!!!!

Dollface has another jam packed weekend filled with activities again.

Saturday -Tennis lessons AND her bff's tea party at an actual Tea Room! These childrens and their parties!!!! Later that evening she's staying over at that friends house for a sleepover. Uh, I'm nervous, this is her first non-relative sleepover. I'm gonna be frantic until she calls me the next day.

On the same day her oldest sister is having a trunk party/bbq. But I don't think Dollface will be going because it's pretty much the same time as the tea party and they are on complete opposite sides of town.

Tennis lessons start at noon til two. The tea party starts at 2:30 - 4:30 and the trunk party starts at 3:00 - 7:00.

I talked with her coach and he said she could do an hour of lessons, so we will leave tennis at 1:00, run home get her showered and changed into her party dress and fly out to the burbs for the party. Then I'll have to come back to the city for the trunk party after the tea party is over.

Ooh I'm tired again LOL!!!!!

Happy Thursday!


Today was simply a consultation with the docs and an exam. So they think I might have to have 5 weeks of radiation, that will be given everyday Monday-Friday. Side effects are mostly fatigue and the dreaded d.

*Chanting to myself*

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.

With His help of course!!!


  1. I don't blame you one bit for being nervous about a non-relative sleep over. Once Jake went to a classmates house and I had to restrain myself from driving over there. lol

    Is radiation different from Chemo?

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Hey Ms. Butterfly!

    Gurl I'm too nervous about this sleepover thing but she's gonna be fine. I'm the one LOL!!! Yep they're different, radiation is like an X-ray beam to the affected area. Chemo is an IV infusion that goes through the bloodstream and today was just a consultation. Of course I didn't know this LOL!!!

  3. I've heard that the combination of chemo and radiation are the best. I know you can do this! Have a super terrific weekend.

  4. ((((Believer))))) Thanks hon, you too! Have fun camping!!!!