Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tennis, tea and trunk parties

It seems I'm always saying I'm tired. This must stop, so that means I have to get more rest because I am indeed exhausted!!!!

I went to bed really early yesterday too, say pretty much around 9:30 last night and I woke up at 3:00 this morning. Looked around, washed a wall, cleaned the upstairs bathroom, hung up a bunch of clothes, gathered some things together for the garage sale a friend and I are having in a couple of weeks, took off my toenail polish and contemplated life. Ha!!!!!!!

At 6:00am I went back to bed, woke up around 8:00 to Dollface squirming and asking her favorite question of what's for breakfast?

Washed my face, brushed my teeth, fixed our breakfast, ate, checked fb and a couple of emails. Took a shower, got dressed. Packed her bag for her sleepover, grabbed my gift for a trunk party and her dress for her tea party later, got her prepared for tennis. Went to tennis lessons and 10 minutes in, it started raining. Sat there for twenty more minutes until they called it a wash out. Left the courts, drove home, fixed her a quick snack, got her dressed for her party and repacked her bag. Drove 35 minutes out to the burbs for the tea party. Found out we beat the birthday girl there, LOL!!!! Had a wonderful time at the tea party for about 3 hours. Told Dollface she would be having a sleepover with her bff, the birthday girl, after the party was over and everyone was out of earshot, so as not to hurt anyone's feelings. Kissed my babydoll bye. Left there, got some gas and a big cup of coffee then drove 35 minutes back to the city to Dollface's oldest sisters trunk party. Hung out with a bunch o' folk for about two hours. Left there, got in my car, came home and now want to seriously crash!!!!

Church tomorrow and another possible gathering/BBQ/family reunion type of thingy!

Um, I'm tired!!! LOL!!!


  1. You have EVERY reason to be tired!!

  2. Just reading this made me tired. haha

  3. I love that picture! I see we were going for the "vintage" look in clothing and in ambiance—both were executed to the fullest. Would you look at those hats? The best!