Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Thursday

Let's just say getting ready for a garage sale is a lot of work. Man, my living and dining rooms look CA-RAAAAAAAZY!!!!!!! Stuff is all over the place. Tomorrow the bff and I will tackle transporting all of this crap, I mean wonderful treasures, out to her home. Yeah we're having it in the boonies where there's plenty o'space for folk to roam around and pick and choose in our bins and bins of crap, I mean goodies!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

Happy Birthday to Shorty Boss. We went out to lunch at Leona's today to celebrate. That girl is so funny and I love her to pieces! We've been friends now for ooh lawd, 35 years. That's a long ass time!!!!! LOL!!!!

Mama Brown told me today that she has a cute bald daughter! LOL!!! Um, I have to agree! LOL!!

I pulled out one of my vintage bags and rocked it today. I recall when I first got this bag back in 91 or 92, I thought I'd die if I didn't get it!!! Begged the granny to buy it for me. *I was such a spoiled heffa* We were on vacay in the Baha.mas. Humph I don't think I carried it 10 times. Maybe I did and just can't remember.

Thinking of selling another one in the garage sale because I never, ever use it. Got that one in the 80's.

I lost or misplaced my checkbook and it's driving me bananas!!!! Can't even remember the last time I saw it. Bills are due now and I'm like tripping because I need to decide if I'm going to close it down and start another one or just say eff it and skip about 20 checks. I think I threw it out with the newspaper by mistake a couple of weeks ago but then again I don't really know.

I love this weather!!!!!!!!! No fifty layers of clothes feels damn good on this brown skin!!!!

Why does she want split pea soup in almost ninety degree weather?

Whatever but you know I'm gonna make it right?

Dang I just remembered I was supposed to stop at the store to buy ingredients for choc. chip/oatmeal cookies. I hate going back out once I'm home! Oh well no cookies for the boys. My bff has 12 year old twin boys that are seemingly bottomless pits. I hope they don't mind. I know, I'll make lem.on instead. De.en is all kinds of wrong for them. OMgosh they totally melt in your mouth. Yummmm!!!!!!!

Ok back to packing up all this junk, and whatever doesn't sell is going straight to SA.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Hi Bunny,

    You're sounding real upbeat! Yeah! If I were at the sale the Gucci would have to go home with me. I love vintage designer bags.

    Be blessed and I hope you make lotsa money at your sale.

  2. Oh love split pea soup! My mom cooks it just right. And don't mean to intrude but when you said Gucci my eyes buldgled. Uhm I would be interested in purchasing it :D

  3. I'm a big shoulder bag girl, so I sold my vintage Gucci and Moschino several years ago. I would love to see the garage sale and hope you are not selling any buttons, thread bobbins or sewing stuff...

  4. Dang where were yall a couple of weeks ago. I would have given yall that bag! Let's just say it didn't sell and I took that bad boy straight to SA. Sorry!!!!!!! I'm kicking myself for that one. I was just soooo tired and really ready to get rid of everything!!!! Gina nope no buttons, thread bobbins or sewing stuff.

  5. Just dropping by to say hello. Hello! Hope your garage sale was worth all the work! Yep, they are A LOT of work.

  6. When having a garage sale I have gone through every corner so I understand the work.