Sunday, August 30, 2009

Farmers Market

On Saturday I went to the local farmers market over at Trinity and man I picked up so many goodies!!!!!!!! I bought corn on the cob, eggplant, lemons, collard greens, stringbeans, carrots, brown rice, avocados, organic apples, musk melon, beets and shea butter all for under twenty bucks!!!!!!!! I was hyped!!!!!! I cooked the collard greens already and they are sooooooo yummy!! I guess the freshness really does makes a difference. I used the beets in my juicer this morning along with some carrots, celery and apples. Too delish!!!!!! I can not wait to get back there next weekend! Gonna get some more goodies!!!

Yay me!!!!!!


  1. Chea! can make videos about the Farmers Market and won't let me move next door to you on Farmville, lol!!!

    There is no one that deserves this more than you!

  2. Did I mention that I LOVE lemons...I squeeze out the juice to tea or water and eat the pulp and rind with salt...

  3. You are my neighbor now!!! LOL!! and you just made my mouth pucker!!!!!!!

  4. Cool! That sure is a lot of freshness for $20.

    I like kale in a favorite soup recipe. I need to make that this week. Thanks for the reminder!