Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Been a minute

Haven't blogged in a couple of months! WOW!!!! A lot going on and then nothing at all!!! Summer finally arrived here in the Chi and ooooohhhhh weeeeeeee I am soooooooo grateful!! I love, love, love summertime!!!!!

First off, no million layers of clothes,stays lighter outside longer, summer fruits, more festivals, summer fun!!! I love it!!!!

Today is Wednesday and I'm just chillin out today. Oh yeah another thing about summer is my all time fav summer show, Big Brother!! It comes on tonight. I'm such a dork, this I know for sure, LOL!!!

The Dollface is at sleepaway camp. She has been gone for three weeks. She hates it and says she is never going back. She said that last year too but I kinda think she is serious this time. LOL!!! She comes home this Friday. Well I pick her up this Friday. Her parents are going on a 3 day family reunion cruise. They couldn't afford to take all the kids, so none of them are going. The two oldest will be at home and the Doll will be with me. I know she is not happy about missing that cruise.

Still working out just not as early in the morning. Those 4am wake up calls were killing me!!!! I get there between 7-9 now. Much better cause yall know I fuggin' hate mornings!!! UGH!!!

My troubled soul went to a summer festival with me this past weekend. He stayed here at the house with us for two days. Seemed like old times but I didn't want him getting comfortable. The boy/man is a mess, still!!! The very next day he posts pics of himself doing something real dumb and illegal on fb. I sent him a quick msg to get that ish off of his page immediately. Just dumb for no reason. Some young folks, I don't get them man!!!! And to think he has a kid too. Lord Jesus be a fence all around them everyday!!!!

Had the best freakin' time of my life at the Chosen Few House Music Picnic this past weekend. We danced, ate, drank and partied for 13 hours in the hot blazing sun!! HOUSE MUSIC ALL NITE LONG!!!

I think i got a lil burned that day cause my face and the back of my neck stings when I touch them. UGH!!!

Love the Farmer's Market too. Nothing in the world like super fresh, straight off the farm, fruit and veggies.

Been watching that horrible Single Ladies. It's so awful I have to watch!!!

Weeds is back on too. That show is stupid funny! I think this may be the last season though. Nancy can't possibly sell drugs for an eigth season can she????

My mother's last remaining sister is celebrating her 80th birthday next weekend. She says after her party she's going home to be with her mother, husband and other siblings. She said she's tired of living. *sigh* That's deep and what do you say to that???

I saw the cutest puppy the other day. That want is back but then of course I think of the time you have to invest and NOPE not happening.

Our bookclub has been seriously slacking LOL!!!! We haven't read a book in like months!!! But we meet and have a good ole time talking about why we didn't read!!! Just crazy!!!!

Bout to go roast some veggies in the oven. Today is super cool outside, then the warm up comes back for the weekend. I'm glad because I'll have 3 lil girls over here and we will be hitting the beach for sure.

Man I love Summer!!!!!