Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Great America

We had a ball but baby I is tired!!!! Walking around a theme park all day long is tiring as hell!!! Man I was whooped. We were there from noon til 10:30pm and we got home around 12:30am Uh yeah a great day at Six Flags was had by all but once is surely enough for the season.

They didn't do the waterpark at all. It takes up too much time and the kids don't get a chance to get on as many rides. So this year they skipped it. Speaking of the rides, why did my Dollface punk out of all the thriller rides???? Girlfriend was like no thanks, I'll pass. Her cousins were all confused because she rode all the goodies last year with them and with me in Florida but she wasn't having none of it this time. She stuck with the safe rides. It was all good though.

I got on The Batman ride and it was enough for me!!!! I rode on a few other rides but mostly just watched them all have a ball!!! Whoo baby did I say I'm tired???? She is too.

Tennis lessons on Saturday, birthday party on Sunday, theme park all day long on Monday = a crabby, whiny, tired Dollface on Tuesday!

Pray for us LOL!!!

It's a little after 1:00pm and we're about to get showered and ready for another adventure. Totally easy and local summer fun though. Cause this sista is beat down!!!

Happy Tuesday folks!


  1. I know y'all had fun, but continuous summer fun can make anyone crabby and tired.

    Get some rest when you can. ;)

  2. Dang. I got tired just reading that!

  3. Ok this has nothing to do with your blog what I am about to post. I have choosen you as an awardee of the Honest Scrap Award. Go to today's blog to see what you have to do.