Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Randomness

I had a very full weekend and it's taking a toll on me. I must learn to listen to my body and relax a lot more than what I'm doing. Honestly I don't do a lot while I'm going through this treatment but sometimes fatigue hits hard and I'm like "WHOA!"

Dollface and her two cousins stayed over on Friday nite. I swear when those little girls get together it's a loud, laughing, good time. The weather was rainy and gloomy pretty much the whole day Saturday so I couldn't take them to the park. They didn't care just as long as they got to play Barbies and the like, they were cool.

Did I tell yall I let Dollface take her AG doll home last year? Yeah I did. The doll stayed here for a year and then she asked could the doll go home with her one weekend and of course I said yes. I'm never buying another one and that's for sure. So if something happens to her at her house, then oh well.

Why did I see a look alike doll at Mich.aels the other day for like $80.00 less??? Where the hell was this heffa two years ago???? LOL!!!!!!!

That will be a birthday present for this year, or for Christmas. Yall know I stash stuff all year long for my baby girl!!

Went to the hospital for lab work to see if I have chemo tomorrow. That last of the 3 series shots wore me out!!!! My body was all achey and sore. Like I had ran a marathon or something. Tyl.enol Rapid release is my new best friend.

Getting all kinds of blog love. Believer thanks babe!!! Got your postcard the other day! Hugs and kisses to you and that precious J.

I had two parties to attend this past weekend. I punked out of one and went to the other one. Here's a little bit of the action from it.

Little dude was workin' it out!! My brother's girlfriend was wearing the white pants and black and white top. We were celebrating her birthday. Had a good time but only stayed a very short time. Too many old ass playa pimps up in there for me. LOL!!! Nah but for real I can't hang right now. The body was saying let's go home. I listened.

Fat and fab on GMA this morning, yeah good for you, not good for me. My azz is gaining weight and I am not happy. Don't know if it's all the chemo drugs or what I'm putting in my mouth. I opt for the latter and I'm changing that ish right now. Fresh fruits and veggies all week long. With lean protein thrown in for good measure. I can't be stressin' about my weight right now. That should be the least of my worries, ya know.

Soccer season is starting.

Bug spray - check

Soccer chairs in the trunk - check

Water bottles chilled - check

Camera and batteries - check

Fanny pack cause I ain't carrying no purse out on the field LOL - check.

Took the Element to the dealer for an oil change and of course I needed a major checkup. *sigh*

I suck at knitting! No, I really suck at it!! Been about 6 weeks and I still ain't knitted nothing but a few rows. I'm not quitting, not just yet.

Two days in a row of nice weather. :-)


  1. The weather here has been soo hot. And the mosquitos are terrible. Wishing I was enjoying a northern summer. And You should definitely do the healthy foods.

  2. Hey Ms. Butterfly I made fresh stringbeans for dinner on Sunday and made collard greens and cabbage today and I ate strawberries, cantaloupe and grapes all day! Healthy eating for sure!!!

  3. Hey there Bunny,

    I am glad that I found your spot!!

    Sounds like you are committed to healthful eating! I congratulate you because it's not easy to stick with it!

    Feel free to drop by my spot any time and share!

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  4. That postcard was too cute not to share. I passed the rack at Wal-Mart and stopped short with my full cart. I hope it made you smile!

    Eating better sounds like a plan. My hubby suggested the same after Monday's cleansing. So, I'm thinking In-n-Out cheeseburger tomorrow or Saturday! ;)