Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's that time of year again

Yall know how my Dollface gets down every year at school with the Heritage Awards. Yes this is like the 5 or 6th time she's been selected to take part and once again we had to have a talk BEFOREHAND. I told little chica that there would be no pouting, no crying and no bad sportsmanship. I also let her know that if she acted a plum fool this year if her team by chance didn't come in first place, that I would not be coming back to support her ever again. Uh yall know that was a lie but I had to say something to let her know that all that snotting and crying wasn't cute.

Her team came in third place...

I don't even have to tell yall that she wasn't pleased right?

This is the first time in years where we didn't have to hug it out cause she fixed her face real quick when she saw me give her the eye!

Love this kid ;-)

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