Thursday, March 3, 2011

Biopsy done

Scared to death, not quite but I didn't sleep but two hours last night. I played some good, positive and healing music last night and I felt like I was ready and that God has the last say in this crazy life of mine.

I checked in at noon and they took me in right away. I then went and put on my snazzy designer hospital gown and the fun and games began.

They gave me a shot to numb me and then the doctor took four tissue samples and then another mammogram and this is where the trouble began!!! I still have my portacath and they smashed it in the machine. I thought I'd hit the roof!!! Pain, pain and more pain. They took 6 pics and I ran my butt outta there!!! I get my results on Monday. *sigh* Gonna be a longggggggggg weekend.

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