Monday, May 2, 2011


I know you won't believe it but the very next day. My exercise guru and I went out for lunch and were in the vicinity of Harpo Studios. So I asked if we could go over the Oprah store because we, mom and I, didn't get a chance to get to the store when we were there the day before. Guru was like yeah, but she didn't really wanna go cause she wanted a few minutes to herself at home before her kids came home from school. I get that, I really do. But she drove us over there anyways. While I was in line purchasing my O goodies, the cashier asked if we wanted to go see the show. Picture me with my mouth WIDE OPEN!!!! I told her I was at a taping yesterday and she said it was cool, they were pulling us from the store and there would be no problem. I started doing a dance!!!! Going to the Oprah Show TWO DAYS IN A ROW???? Never ever happens!!!!! But it did and we went!!! Mind ya we were not dressed to the nines like most people that go to the show but who cares we were getting to see Oprah baby and we didn't have to stand in any lines either!!! They searched us and lead us right into the studio for the Freedom Riders taping.

Such a deep show man. Oprah got really emotional and had to do a retake a couple of times. Oh she had on a red dress this day and some bad azz green shoes!!!! Love her!!!

PBS is airing a special on May 16th so please tune in. I never knew the horrors the Freedom Riders went through. They were sent to prison even. One person brought Oprah a pair of prison shorts they wore during their stay at Parchment. Like I said the show was deep!!!!

As we were leaving they gave us the book Freedom Riders and the dvd too.

I can't believe my luck!!! I had never ever been to a taping and then wham, I get to go two days in a row. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Oh and I saw one of my friends in the Oprah store. She was in the morning taping with Shania Twain. Uh, they got a trip!!!! Yeah a 2 day trip to Nashville and a big party with Shania. LUCKY HEFFA!!!! But I ain't mad I got a bike, a helmet, a book, a dvd AND I got to see Oprah two days in a row!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Now only if I can get in on this last show at the United Center!!!!

One can only wish right?

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