Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today was Awesome!

Early this morning my mom and I went to our very first taping of the Oprah Winfrey Show. I logged onto her website in March and saw that the reservations window was open and I checked out a few topics and one really hit home with me. Weightloss success stories. As you all know I had bariatric surgery in 2007 and I lost over 150lbs. YAY me!!! So I filled in the form and a couple days later I rec'd an email from the producers of the show saying that I could be in the audience. Cool!!!! I had always wanted to go to the show but never really tried other than the favorite things shows. Greedy thy name is Bunny!!!

Well initally we were scheduled to be in the afternoon taping but two weeks ago they changed us to the morning taping and said for us to show up between 7-7:30am. Then two days ago I get a call to come no later than 6:30am. Cool.

Then we find out that the President and the First Lady were coming to town to tape Oprah on the very same day!!!!! OMG!!!! I was sooooooo wishing we would be in his audience. I get goosebumps thinking about it, really!!!

We got there at about 6 this morning and it was a long ass line!!! I mean crazy long. Stood in line for two freaking hours man!!!! And of course President Obama would be taping the afternoon show. WOMP, WOMP!!!!!

Ok but this is still the Oprah show and we were getting to see her right!!!! OMG yall Oprah looks sooooo good. She has lost weight herself and her little waist is soooo tiny!!! Her hair was beautiful. I was trippin' cause I was in the audience at at the OW show!!! Ha!!!!!!!

Bob Greene was there and it was funny because Oprah said, Bob's show was airing today about his new book and here he was taping another segment. She said that had never happend before in the shows entirety.

Stacy Halperin (sp) was there too. She is a woman who was morbidly obese and came on Oprah many years ago when she was heavy and she too had gastric bypass surgery and many reconstructive surgeries as well. She felt she didn't deserve to come on the show because she had gained 70lbs back but Oprah told her she was worthy. She still lost over 300lbs and that's to be celebrated!!! Life is to be celebrated.

A mother daughter duo came on and lost weight together. The daughter was such a sweetie. I think she lost 50lbs and she talked about how people treat her differently now that she is thin. I think her name is Mackenzie, or Michayla. Not really sure but she is a doll!!!

After Oprah talked to all the guests which there were at least 6 or 7 segments at the end she said that the 100 people they selected would be getting bikes from Schwinn and then in pure Oprah fashion she said everybody in the audience would get bikes and the crowd went wild!!!!

They gave us all helmets and a certificate to mail in for our bikes to be shipped to us. YAY US!!!!

After the show she took pics with the 100 ultimate weightloss viewers, (I wasn't a part of this group #sadface)

The studio is really smallish. They make it look a whole lot bigger than it really is. TV man!!! LOL!!!! AND OPRAH!!!! OMG she was stunning!!!! She looked damn fine!!! Body on point baby!!! Hair fierce. You know Andre Walker was right there between takes and her makeup and wardrobe team was right there as well. Funny she was having boobie issues today. One kept popping up. SOOOO funny!!!

I'm grateful for the chance to see Oprah in this last season and I even got a new bike out of it too!!! How cool right??? But I'm still in shock and awe that my President was going to be in the same building in mere minutes and I missed it by this much. UGH!!!!!! Maybe I'll get the chance again to see him again. This is of course his hometown ;-)

OOOOOO Oprahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!


  1. Congrats! That is pretty freakin awesome!

  2. Girl! I am reading in reverse and am so jealous, but happy for you and Moms and especially the DOLLface! My dream was to go see Oprah in person on her show and I never made it. We have lots of US channels, but not the really good ones like TBS, OWN and HGTV. Did your Guru go in with you and was she swole that she didn't if she missed the bike, lol!