Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dollface part 2

She did get selected for the heritage program but she's still slacking on studying the extra material. Today is Thursday and the program is tomorrow. She knows some of the answers but if they switch it up like they did the geography bee, her team will be hurtin!!! Oh man that geography bee was a total bust!!! We were sitting in the audience looking like WTH???? Their study packets were just a look into geography. The questions they asked were waaaaaaayyyyyyyy off base. Parents were looking at each other like, do you know that answer? We were all hunching our shoulders like nope.

Dollface has some kids(2 little ugly girls and I call them ugly for how they are acting) in her afterschool group that are getting ready to see my wrath. They're teasing her and calling her names and I'm not diplomatic or rational when it comes to picking on my babydoll. My inner, Hand that rocks the Cradle babysitter Peyton, is about to come busting out. Don't start none, won't be none. Dollface is THE sweetest, most passive child in the world when it comes to her friends and classmates. I think she feels outta place a little bit because of her height and weight. She towers over most of the kids at school and she's a big girl for 9. But that doesn't mean I'm going to let you call her out of her name without roughing you up a lil'. Hmpffffffff. I might need somebody to come bail me out. These little mean azz girls called my baby a stingy, fat, freak because she wouldn't give them her extra art supplies and she had tears in her eyes. Yeah somebody bout to get an azz whuppin from me! She said she told the teacher and her mom but this isn't the first time these chicks have said something about her. Initially we told her to ignore them but you know what, damn alla that. Keep your little mouth shut or else I'll shut it for ya. I hate mean kids. Mean kids suck!!! Oh and bet not, yeah bet not, nobodies mama come saying nothing to me about speaking to her kid. Cause I'll bust her in the mouth too!!!! See no coffee AND messing with my baby will get you cut and cussed out!!!!!!

*Bunny throws up fake gangs signs and exits stage right*

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  1. lol you are too much. I say you teach her the art of the wicked tongue come back but then again maybe it is not in her to be mean to other kids. Nonetheless she has to stick up for herself in the end. Don't let them heffas see her cry-cuz it's what they want.