Friday, February 26, 2010


So nope I didn't have to go off on the little girls. Dollface told me kids who tell on other kids get teased even more. That's bullying in my book and I don't like it one bit. She pointed out one of the girls to me and I was walking toward her and Dollface begged me to please not say anything. I told her she better take care of it then and not come home crying over what some mean old ugly girls said to her. Her mom also had a nice convo with the afterschool coordinator. Dollface baby's mom is straight hood. I don't know how she ever had a child like Dollface. lol!

The competition was today and her team came in 3rd place. You know what happened don't you?

Yep she cried. *sigh*

Like a baby right after the pics were taken of the entire 4 teams with their trophies.

I told her maybe she shouldn't be in the competition next year if she's gonna be a sore loser. The assistant principal tells the kids all the time that everyone is a winner who participates. She wasn't trying to hear none of it!!!

I love that kid with her uber sensitivity!!! Three of her classmates were sitting in the back waiting on her and they all looked puzzled as heck. Some of them had never been in the competition and Dollface has been in it for 4 years in a row. Last year her team came in second place, she was stoked!!!!!!!!! She wanted to crawl under a rock this year. *sigh*

She has to realize you can't win em all and when you don't, you have to learn how to accept that defeat graciously or else little chica is gonna be in for a world of trouble and heartache.

Well I won today!!! I smacked the hell outta that elliptical baby!!! I went a whole 20 minutes!!! Did you hear that? TWENTY WHOLE MINUTES!!!!!!!! Hellz yeah. I won!!!!!!!!! Oh and an hour and ten minutes in the pool too! So yeah I'm bad!!!!

Happy Friday yall!!!


  1. :) congrats on your victory with the elliptical machine lol. As with dollface I know exactly how it is.

  2. I'm sorry about Dollface's disappointment. Still, congratulations are in order for her 3rd place win and participating 4 years in a row!

    She's a motivated and driven young woman. I know that there is much success in her future.

    You're doing great with the exercising! I'm learning how important it is to make time for fitness.