Friday, April 10, 2009

Dollface and The House of the Mouse

Let me just say that a good time was had by all. Now let me say I did not have enough time there. I really wanted to stay longer but we had to get back for holy week here at home. Mom never misses The Seven Last Words of Christ at Trinity and this year was no exception. Should we get the chance to go again next year, we will stay the entire week because I know it is not possible to see everything in a couple of days. Dumb move on my part. I should have booked her ticket to come home on Thursday and Dollface and I could have stayed until Saturday.

The weather kicked our butts!!!!!!!! It was sooooooooooo cold on Tuesday til it was ridiculous!!! I mean bone chilling cold. We could have had our winter coats on with hats, gloves and scarves. That was a bummer but we endured Univer.sal Islan.ds of Adven.ture for about 8 hours in the cold til we couldn't take it anymore!!!! Those rain ponchos went to waste. Didn't even look at any water rides and it only rained on Monday for about an hour while I was in the grocery store.

Oh on Tuesday we went to the Magic King.dom and it was full to capacity and they didn't let us in.


Said it was like a three hour wait to get on rides and not worth it. They were open from 8:00am - 1:00am and that we could come back at 7:30pm and TRY to get in then. I said fugitaboutit. There was no way I was coming back that night on a try.

So we left there and headed for Unive.rsal Isla.nds of Adve.nture where Dollface and I got on every thrilling rollercoaster in sight!!!

Chica was stoked and I was like WTF am I doing????? But I had a damn ball!!!! I haven't been on a rollercoaster in well over 20 years because my fat butt couldn't fit on one in that long. This time baby, baby I fit in the seats super comfortably but was scared shitless!!!! Number one it was kick butt cold and I had on my little baseball hat covering up the bald head, right? Then of course these dang rides zip all through the sky and whatnot and my little hat kept threatening to come right off my bald head. So I had to hold on to my head and hat with one hand and white knuckle the bar with the other. Sooooooooo crazy!!!! But I'd do again cause it was such a blast!!!

Shoot we had sooooooooo much fun that I could have done that park another day and just skipped the Magic Kingdom all together but seeing as though it was Dollface's first time there....well you know we HAD to go see Mickey.

We went back to the MK on Wednesday and got in this time. The weather was nice on this day and it got warm enough for us to take off our jackets later in the day.

She had that look again yall. You know the one like, is this really happening??? I had to keep asking her was she excited?? Cause you couldn't tell at first. She was in a daze for real LOL!!!

Then she was kinda cranky bout' standing in all those long lines.

Humph she wasn't the only one!! Mama Brown was like, "I'm too old for all this!!"

She got on the Teacups and Carousels with Dollface cause uh Bunny don't do spinning rides like that. But I can do all the coasters and stuff. So that was waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy cool of my mom to ride with her.

I thought she would pull my arm off in the Haun.ted M.ansion. LOL!!!! But then she bragged to my mom that it wasn't scary at all. Funny!!!!!!!!

I so loved seeing all the dads and their little girls in line for the rides. So much family bonding and togetherness is just lovely to witness.

Oh and trust I saw major, major meltdowns. Those babies were just extremely overwhelmed. I think it's us that enjoy this shit more than they ever will?

Dollface hated the fact that she couldn't go swimming. The resort we stayed at didn't have any indoor pools and it was just sooooooo dang cold that we couldn't go swimming early before we went to the parks and the same for when we returned at night. I couldn't get over how unbelievably cold it was. I have never, ever been to Florida where it wasn't in the high 80's so this was a big blow to me!!! Oh and of course the day we were leaving it was beautiful and was going to continue to be for the next several days too!! BUMMER FOR US!!!!!!

You know she got pink princess ears right? Too dang cute for words and everything else to boot!!!!!!

We had a good time yall if only we had more time and the weather was better. *sigh*

Yesterday after we got home I ran to the store so I could make a dish to take to the Cedar Supper at our church. Literally, I dropped my bags at the front door and went out the back door. I cooked a cheesy spaghetti dish and ran it over to the school where the Women's Club was preparing the hall to get ready for the dinner later that evening. I was going to stay to help serve but one of the members told me to go sit my butt down somewhere. She said me taking chemo was not conducive to being around all these people to serve food. Chile please I just came back from the world's most crowded place on earth. Standing in line with a bunch of germy little kids hell!!! But I listened to my elder and sat my butt down. Then after helping out just a little with the place settings I took my tired butt home and laid it down for the night!!!!

Mom and I went to Trinity today and saw the Seven Last Words of Christ which was a dynamic group of women only this year. They tore the house down with their interpretations. My church is doing the same but man I'm way too tired to go tonight. The service this morning was almost 4 hours and the service this evening will be the same if not longer. Plus I've got to get up early in the morning to go to the hospital and get my labs done. Chemo will be on Monday so I've got to get a little rest before hand.

AND I'm about to start our Easter dinner so I won't have to do soooo much tomorrow or Sunday.

Oh and for the record my Dollface is ever so slightly spoiled . Thought I'd throw that in for giggles!!


  1. Am I missing photos? I see lots of words and huge spaces between them but I CAINT see nothing, lol! I bet she could have exploded with happiness...I know I did when I first did Dis.ney...

  2. Sounds like a BLAST was had for all! I know Dollface was so EXCITED!!! Sorry to hear about the weather. Thankfully you were able to still enjoy yourselves.

    I couldn't see any photos either. My computer is probably acting a donkey again! :)

  3. I don't know what's happening with the pics. I'll try to do a picture only post tomorrow.

  4. You did have a blast! Memories made for sure. I'm giggling that Mama Brown was on the Tea Cup ride.