Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is it in the air we breathe?

I don't know yall but it seems that cancer is becoming the new black. Damn I mean everyday I hear of someone being affected by this dreadful disease. Today I was at the speaker's series and she was diagnosed in October with breast cancer. She was really emotional and I just wanted to get up and hug her. I hate seeing people cry and no one rallies around them to give them comfort. Her mom came with her to this series and her mom was sitting directly behind me and of course her heart was full and she too was sobbing.

But our speaker said that God was her tour guide and that she was not going to let this diagnosis stop her from living a good life. A life filled with blessings and love. She said that some not so good times were ahead but she will press forward and stand on her faith. Positivity was flowing from her and I just felt so blessed at that moment. I mean I know it was all God today for me. For one, I didn't feel like going to the series today but I said what the heck. I wanted to sleep a little later because it was very gloomy, rainy and cool here today and I hadn't been to the series in over two weeks and I really wasn't feeling it. Not in the least. But I got up and said just go and see what the topic is about and if you don't want to stay, then of course you can always leave.

Humph, this woman and I connected right off the bat. She even told me my eyes were sparkling the entire time. Part of our project was to scrapbook today and I LOVES ME SOME SCRAPPING!!!! I picked out some positive words of encouragement and put them all over my page. Of course I found some Di.sney princesses and put them on there too, for my Dollface LOL!! Basically my page just said take time out for me and to be good to myself and love life regardless of the hard times.

I'm so glad I didn't miss this week. After the session was over I gave her a big, big hug and she reciprocated. She gave me something positive to think about too. Instead of me saying I'm just starting treatment she told me I'm a 1/3rd of the way finished and that was wayyyyyy cool.

Her motto is Expect Great Things and baby you know I am!!!

Everyday I'm going to expect nothing but great things and I'm jotting them down and storing them up for those days that aren't so great.

She even gave me an idea for all the get well cards I received. She put hers in a book and she says she looks at them when she feels overwhelmed and it helps her get through the day. Such a simple but awesome idea that I totally love!!

My labs came back good and chemo is set for Friday so the 2 shots worked, YEAH!!!! I'm expecting great things from this treatment! I'm expecting great things for my life!!

I'm going to expect great things for my friend too. She called me this afternoon to tell me she went in for a uterine biopsy (by herself). I was too outdone!!! She hasn't told anyone, not her husband or her daughter. Just me and I felt really, really bad for her because you know worry sets in and can bite you in the ass and she did this all alone. Made me want to jump through the phone and hug the mess outta her. She doesn't have to do this alone, man!!! She said she wanted to tell one of our other mutual friends but she didn't, said she felt like she was being overly emotional and didn't want to bother any of us with her stuff. *Sigh*

I'm telling you I do not want her to feel like she can't talk to me because I'm going through right now. I'm here to offer support if she needs it and of course I told her that but she feels like she will bring me down and I feel the total opposite!!!

How do you get people to know you mean it when you say I'M HERE FOR YOU?

My heart is heavy for her because she is carrying this burden without the support of her family. She has two sisters and a grown daughter. Her mom is ill so she surely doesn't want to tell her, for fear that it will send her into a straight panic and cause a major setback in her health. I don't know what to do but be here for her anyway that I can. This really made me sad because I have such a huge support system and I feel it helps me immensely. I think I would be majorly depressed if I had to do all of this alone and I so want to call our other friend and tell her too. I don't know...

Tomorrow is another day though and I am going to Expect Great Things.


  1. You provide me with great inspiration. Thanks for reminding me to expect great things!

  2. I love your positive attitude! Makes me feel like I can too. Thanks for looking at my Grandbabies!

  3. Expect Great Things!

    That is going on a notecard and will be placed on the bathroom mirror...

    Shoot, girl... Can I send you a card? Hit up my Oldgirl email with your address!!

  4. I was thinking the same thing, cancer seems so prevalent. It's rediculous. I've read/heard things like its the life style we live, technology, tin foil, aliuminum pots, food we consume with pesticides. Who Knows!

  5. At least your friend told you, bunny. So she's not carrying it alone anymore. So since she told you, now you have liberty to check on her. And I think that's how you show her that you are truly "there for her." Like my BFF did when I was going through a really bad time emotionally. She said, "I need you to know that I'm going to call you every day, okay. I need to hear your voice and know how you're doing everyday." I'll never forget that, and I there was no doubt that she was there for me.