Tuesday, April 28, 2009


God is sooooooo good!! Um hmmmmm yes He is baby!!! My girlfriend got her test results back from her biopsy and she is FINE!!!! Praise Jesus!!!!!

Yall don't know how worried I was about that girl!!! Mainly because she hadn't told anyone except me and that she was walking around in a daze for a while holding this all in but now thankfully it's over and I'm so dang happy!!!!

We are celebrating this weekend with a little gathering at her house. One for her daughter graduating from college and starting grad school in two weeks and also for her good news from the doctor!!!!

Shoot yall know I'm all about celebrating life baby!!! Why wait, don't wait, celebrate, celebrate!!!

Party on Wayne!!!!!!!

I'm just soooooooooo happy!!!

Today was a dang good day!!!


  1. Praise the Lord! You're right, why wait to praise God? Not only is tomorrow not promised, but the next minute isn't promised! Have a joyful day!

  2. That's news to definitely celebrate! Have a good time with friends and family.

  3. Praise the Lord over this victory! Happy for your friend, and by your spirits I can see your doing well. Enjoy your party, hope you laugh much and dance.

  4. Glad to share in the good news! Keep grabbing your blessings, including those around you!

  5. Greatful! Greatful! Greatful!