Monday, April 27, 2009

Free Monday

Thanks everybody for all the encouragement you continually give me and yes I am feeling better. Everyday gets a little better and within the week I'll be back to feeling like me. ;-)

Now on to my freebies of the day!!

Free coffee Monday at MickeyDees, they said last week was the last of it but I did cop me a free cup today as well and it was the vanilla flavored one YUM!!! I like Hazelnut coffee but not McCafe's, it's kinda bitter!!

KFC ~ They were giving out a sample piece of their new grilled chicken. Dollface ate that and said it was tasty.

Walgreens ~ I had two reward coupons *thanks Believer* totalling $8.00. So I got 3 cards, a magazine, a gallon of milk and a Snickers bar for seventy cents. YAY ME!!!!!!!!! I gave the candy bar to the cashier because he gave me my milk for free and it states clearly on the coupon NO DAIRY. Dude was too sweet and he said he wasn't going to be able to eat for 5 hours and said grab a candy bar, so I said what the hell?

I love free stuff man!!!


  1. Free is good. Very good.

    Yes indeed.

    And you "sound" great in this post. I am oh so happy to get that vibe.

  2. FREE stuff is always good :)

    I am loving your spirit on this post! You sound so energized!

  3. lol, I love free too. Glad to hear your feeling better. Hope your day stays blessed.

  4. Freebies I luv em too... free milk? You did good because here its a 3.49 a gallon and my kiddies goes through 3 of those in a week.

  5. Awesome! You go get yours girl!