Friday, April 24, 2009

Feelin' 2 cute

I took this pic today right before leaving for chemo. I felt really cute, bald and all baby!!! LOL!!!

It's now 6:30pm and chemo is over and I'm half the way there!!!! I'm feeling really good about that!!!! Three down and three more to go!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Now I have to take it easy for a couple of days because my immune system will be totally out of whack. Drinking plenty of fluids to flush out the poison. Isn't that weird???? They tell you to drink, drink, drink so you can rid your body of the toxic meds. *SMH*

You put the damn poison in and then tell me to flush it the hell out?


I'm usually so pumped full of fluids til it's unbelievable. So much so that I need to wear a freakin' diaper at night. I know TMI right? LOL!!!!

I always have these dreams that I'm going to the bathroom right after chemo and then I wake up and er, um, I'm going!!!

Straight up fragglenaggle BS!!!!

The hotflashes were off the chain today while there.

But baby bring em on and let's get this ish finished!!!!!!!!

The weather is lovely, lovely, lovely today.

A high in the 80's!!!!!!!! I so love a beautiful, warm and sunny day.

Makes me smile!!!

Resting up this weekend with movies, books, word searches and Suduko.

Yall have a good weekend and don't forget to Expect Great Things!!!


  1. You do look cute I must say and funny too. You made me smile reading this post. I've been saying I will drink only water at least 8 glasses, I can barely pass one. Terrible I know.

    Thanks Babe for that comment you left. You made me feel better about sharing these crazy experiences I've had.

  2. I am loving your energy! You look and sound fantastic! You're in my thoughts and prayers! :)