Saturday, April 18, 2009

Glorious day

Earlier today I was at my second home, you know the freakin' hospital, yet again to get another shot of Filgrastim *brand name Neupogen* to boost my white blood cell count. The side effects are bone and joint pain. Well for me it's a headache. So far no great bone pain and this is shot number 2. I had my first one yesterday. Yeah my white blood cell count is still low and no chemo so far and I'm getting kinda nervous about this.


Because Dollface was extra clingy to me yesterday. She even cried when her mom came to pick her up. That scared me yall. She never cries like that when her mom comes to get her. I'm trying to chalk it up to her being extremely sleepy but part of me is like what is this child sensing?

You know they say animals and kids have special senses when something ain't quite right?

Shakin' it off, shakin' it off.

I've been doing really good with thinking positively and I don't want negative thoughts to fill my head.

So I go back on Monday for more labs to see if I can have chemo on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Why the hell am I begging for poison to be shot up through my body???? This is mad luda!!!!!

I so want all of these treatments to be over and done with and me to be living a long, long, long, long, healthy life. Ask and you shall receive.

Four more treatments to go, just four more and then we'll see what's next.

The weather yesterday was lovely. I even grilled food for us cause I had the energy and felt like grilling. I haven't done that in some years man!!

I grilled chicken, salmon, tilapia, scallops, steak and hotdogs.

Dollface and her cousins were over playing and having a good time in the sunshine.

Sunshine makes me feel good. Really, really good. I can't get enough of that sun shining down on me. I swear it makes me feel alive!!! Well except that one time in Mexico when too much sun wasn't such a good thing LOL!!! It burnt my azz to a crisp and I was hurtin' baby!!! I ain't never in life had a sunburn but trust that Mexican sun did a number on me. Can you say aloe vera and solercaine for days? The latter didn't work at all, that crap only made it hurt worse to me. Cold showers and plenty of aloe all over the skin worked though and I will put on sunblock the next time and I won't stay in the water all flippin' day either. We spent well over eight hours just baking in the sun at a beach in Cancun with no sunblock. Shit, just cause you black don't mean jack!!! I learned a lesson the hard way. Sunblock is for us too, trust and believe!!! ROFL!!!!

Well I'm bout to go eat some of my good grilled food and try to work on this little headache I have. Other than that I'm bout to enjoy the rest of my 70 degree Saturday.


  1. Oh I feel the same way about being in the sun. I can't get enough of it and it always puts me in a better mood.

  2. Know that a prayer was said for you tonight...that I felt the Lord's presence in attendance and that his word did not return void. So glad to have found one another.

    Be blessed.


  3. I do believe that sunshine has healing qualities.

    We gave our grill away before our move. That was 3 years ago—and that ain't right!

  4. The food sounds YUMMMM! I'm with you on this part when it comes to worrying thoughts trying to enter your mind:

    **Shakin' it off, shakin' it off.**

    Four more treatments! Four more treatments!