Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Real quick

This computer had a crazy viru.s on it and I'm just now getting it back. I'm scared to even type in the word so I won't!!!

Doing really good since I last updated. I only felt bad for a couple of days after chemo but now I'm all refreshed and ready to go for cycle two which will be next week. Gotta get a shot this week to boost my red blood cells because of course my count is low. What a surprise right? Anyway that will be this Friday along with the weekly labs.

I spend waaaaaayyyyy too much time at the hospital and that's for sure but whatever it takes LOL!!!

I've gotta go check out my faves, been missing this computer like crazy!!!!


  1. I’ve missed you too! Praying for you, and you're always in my thoughts.

    Please comment for the blog giveaway the ends March 15.

  2. Tell them to loan you one so you can surf while you are! I bet they would!