Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This week is flying by to me. It's already hump day and soon will be Friday where I head off to get some poison shot up through my body. Whatev, maybe that's why it's seemingly flying by to me. Dreading Friday and I forgot to change the damn day too. *sigh*

I contacted the intergrative therapy department at the local hospitals cancer treatment center. They have so many activities planned that I signed up for and I can't wait to get started. They have a mini spa every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. This month is already booked solid but they put me down for just in case someone cancels.

I am scheduled for a Reiki treatment next week though. I saw this performed on Grey's last season and well I don't think it can hurt me. I'm open for anything so that should be completely interesting.

Also this week I went to a speakers series given at the same hospital. The topic was Genetic testing. It was very informative. I learned more about why you should be tested and other really interesting though challenged facts. I find it quite strange that cancer is not inherited/heredity. It's acquired.


Yall know how I feel about this ish!!!

They said your parents could have cancer and you could possibly not have it or vice versa and my thinking is, why the hell do you always ask any other family member have cancer on the medical records? It's all for gene sake. All that genetic testing stuff. AND stem cell research will help greatly in possibly CURING (not just treating) but CURING all types of diseases like HIV, Parkinsons, Diabetes and cancer to name a few. So you know I'm all for that baby!!!

While the nurse was speaking a few volunteers came by with therapy dogs and they were so damn cute!!!!!! At first I was like oh boy, you know they say dogs can sense when you're sick and I was wondering what the heck were they gonna do when they came by me.

Well... yep that's the precious pup all up in my arms!!!!!!! So, so sweet I want a puppy!!!!!!


I am too lazy for a pet. I can't be cleaning up after no doggies, plus my Dollface has allergies and asthma and that just won't work out.

The therapy dogs will be back in two weeks and I just can't wait because that sweet doggie was just the bestest ever. Made me smile as you can see.

You know what else makes me smile?

Knowing that in a few short weeks we WILL be at the house of the mouse.

Reservations are made and I CAN'T WAIT to see her face when I tell her and when we actually get to the front of Cindy's castle, baby bye!! Pictures galore for sure!!!!!!!

All I have to do now is find some discounted tickets for the King.dom and Uni.ver.sal Island.s of Adven. ture. and I'm all good baby, baby!!!!!!!!!

I'm telling you we will probably be eating beans and rice for months to come after this trip but it's gonna be worth it. I know in my heart this is the right time because tomorrow shole ain't promised to nobody. This I know for sure, just like Aunty O LOL!!!


  1. I love the idea of the therapy dogs. Animals are good for the heart and body.

    Glad that you are going on the trip... Sounds like it will be a great time.

    Keep your head up, Bunny!

  2. Take advantage of all that "free" good stuff!

    I’m sorry to hear about your hair loss. You could try colorful bandanas at home—they’re very comfortable.

    On a better note, Disney in a few weeks sounds like just what the Doctor* ordered.

    Keep the faith my friend!

    *The Great Physician - Jehovah Rapha The Lord Your Healer

  3. I bet she is going to go berserk when you tell her! ALL kids need an aunty like you. Parents spend so much time telling kids later and maybe when you live for the now and take Dollface along for the ride. I love that and promise to change for that better, too!