Friday, March 20, 2009


Dollface saw my hair, or lack of today and almost threw up! Honestly she gagged at first.

She told me with her beautiful brown eyes that she doesn't like it.

I told her I don't either.

She almost cried when she saw me then she said, "Can I come and spend the night at your house tomorrow?"

Yep eventhough I'm bald that kid still loves me.


  1. UNconditional love...
    truth be told, my hair has been falling out since my surgery. and I am to the point where I could just shave it off and keep it moving. LOVE your Tshirt!!!

  2. It has to be one hell of an adjustment.

  3. Bunny
    I think you look great. Here in St. Louis a lot of women are opting to go bald rather than wear the weaves.

  4. She still loves you, Bunny!! You know she always will no matter what.

    Hair loss is something else. I lost mine to the lupus, and have had to deal with that for years... Hopefully yours will grow back after the treatment!

    All in all, the important thing is that you are getting better...

  5. Like Chele said, the loss of hair is an adjustment, but I hope you find what's comfortable and makes you smile. Don't worry about the rest of us—do you!

    Kids know it's serious when they physically see a change, and that goes for most adults too. Make sure to make time for cuddling and kisses that will help the both of you.

  6. The hair loss is temporary, she'll come around and you have a glow about you. :)