Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I almost blew it!

While driving home today after leaving my primary care doctor's office (I was picking up a sample script) I suddenly remembered I needed to contact my oncologist to ask her could I bump up my chemo date. Yeah mom says try to do it a week before we go *sigh* so I can give myself 7 full days before getting on the plane. Anyways I totally forgot Dollface was in the backseat, listening intently too, I might add.

The convo goes a little something like this:

Me on the phone with the receptionist from the oncologists office.

Me: Hello this is Bunny Brown and I'd like to know if I can move my treatment date up from April 3rd to March 30th because I'm going out of town.

Receptionist: No you cannot go for treatment before your allotted time but you can go after your three weeks are up. So just call the hospital and set up the appointment for whenever you'd like as long as it is not before your three weeks are up.

Me: Ok Thank You very much.

Dollface in the back with THE saddest face in the world.

"You're going out of town?"

Me "D'oh!!"

I totally forgot she was in the car while I was on the phone so I lied and told her nope I'm not going out of town, I just wanted treatment earlier because I didn't want to go the day after my birthday. She was like, "Ooh you lied to your doctor, that wasn't nice."

I almost blew the damn surprise!!!

Only two more weeks left before we're outta here!!


  1. The kids are always watching and listening! Glad you didn't spoil the surprise.

  2. Princess I swear as soon as the words came out of my mouth I was like D'oh!!!!!!! Hopefully she'll forgive me for lying to HER LOL!!!!!

  3. Yeah, you almost blew that right there. LOL!!!

  4. Good thing you are quick with the answers because I'm not sure I could have saved that one.

    Glad it's all working out, the scheduling that is, and Disney is on the horizon.

    She's is going to be over the top when you tell her. When are you anyway?

  5. @Believer ~ Now girl you know you can't tell kids nothing too far in advance. Dollface will literally drive you insane with all the when are we going questions. Chile please I asked her mom when she is going to tell her and she said the morning when I wake her up to take yall to the airport LOL!!!!!

  6. Great Save!!!! I agree with DollFace's mom. Tell her the morning of. Give her just enough time to take a bag with a few of her personal things and that's it. She's going to be so excited! I can't wait until she finds out where she's going!!! OH and the 'lie' was justified, the heavens forgive you :)

  7. Hahahaha!
    -i don't think that fast on my feet, but since I am ALWAYS surrounded by prying ears, I am used to being cryptic, lol!