Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Simply amazing

Dang man I want a massage every week!!!!!!! I mean that was the best 55 minutes of my life LOL!!! AND it was free too!!!!!!! I'm so grateful for this cancer treatment center. They offer so much to us and everyone is so kind. I'm really loving this.

So I am still having a Reiki treatment next week too. I thought this massage was in place of but not so. It was always scheduled for next week. The spot for the massage just came open and I grabbed it up baby!!!

I also got a lovely bouquet of daffodils today from them sponsored by The American cancer Society. Remember I'm not supposed to put that word in caps, gives it too much power.

Crazy, Sexy, cancer juicy Kris even spells it canser.

I don't know. I just hate the word altogether however the hell it's spelled ya know?

I'm feeling better today not 100% but much better. That massage helped me immensely!!

The hair gets chopped off tomorrow. Pics to come, based on how I feel about it!!!!

Thank you so much for the continuous prayers!

I'm blessed because of them and yall!!!


  1. I know all to well about giving in on the hair issue and chopping it off.

    Playing down the "C" word sounds right to me. Don't give that mess any more attention then it already has. Um, Jesus please excuse THAT right out of Bunny's body. Thank you! :D In His name!

    I'm so glad there was an opening for a massage. You so deserve it. Daffodils?! Boy, all those little things do matter and help in your treatment. Bless those who are doing their part!

  2. Hey Bunny ~ just checking in to say "hi". Glad the massage did what it was supposed to do: make you feel better! Take care!

  3. The massage sounds FABULOUS!!!!!! :)