Monday, March 9, 2009

It's happening

I'm losing my hair and it's making me sad. Another round of chemo at the end of the week and I'm sure all of my hair will fall out after that because it's falling out like crazy now.

That is all.


  1. Hi Bunny,

    I have been quietly reading your posts. I know about your struggle because Believer asked me to pray for you.

    I know this is difficult for you to go through. Hang in there. God has got your back in this situation.

    While you're going through this difficult period in your treatment, I hope and pray that you are blessed to feel the presence of God surrounding you. May you be blessed with all that you need to make it through and come out victorious.

    Be blessed and hold onto God's unchanging hand.

  2. Sit with Him awhile and embrace this time of intimacy.

  3. Bunny:
    While I am a believer, I don't have any deeply religious or prophetic things to share with you. I offer my friendship and anything you need to help you through this awful time. Please send me your snail mail addy...Gina