Friday, February 20, 2009

Cycle one down

Wow it's over and am I ever glad. The day started early with a stop to Dollface chica's school for the Black History competition. That girl towers over everyone she is soooooo tall!!!! I get such a joy out of seeing kids being excited at learning new things and getting praised for it.

When I left, her team * 4 in all with one from grades 1-4 *, was in first place. Go Dollface, Go Dollface!!! Later in the day I learned her team came in second place by only 10 points. One question = 10 points and bonus questions were worth 20 points. She was happy!! She got to bring home a big trophy. She probably wanted to sleep with it knowing that child!!!

I had to leave early because chemo was scheduled for 11:00 this morning. Dollface wasn't happy that I was leaving but I had to go. I couldn't show up late for my first chemo treatment could I????

When we arrived mom had that look on her face and she kept looking at me and I was like It's alright, I'm good.

My nurse was a gem, she kept us laughing and that was desperately needed. It takes a certain type of nurse to work in the oncology dept. day in and day out. Total angels, each and every one of them, 5 nurses in all.

The room had 4 big lazyboy like chairs for 4 patients. Three patients were already there. They were all very nice. One lady was getting a blood transfusion, been there, done that and the other two gentlemen were receiving chemo. It's pretty unsettling seeing this, especially when they look really, really sick. I'm praying I don't look sickly as I progress forward with treatment, is that wrong? Maybe if I look sick, that means this crap will work better. I know crazy thinking, my mind is awash with all things weird and strange concerning this cancer crap!!!

My port was still very tender but my nurse told me take a deep breath in when she had to stick the needle in it. So I did and it only hurt for 3 seconds maybe 5 but no more after that. THANK GOD!!!!

We watched a video of what to expect with treatment that lasted for about 20 or so minutes while we waited for my meds to be brought up from the pharmacy.

I had to have 4 intravenous meds before chemo today. 2 for nausea, another steriod and of course the usual saline. Man I'm gonna blow the fugg up behind these roids!!!! I read in a few of my pamphlets that my face and body are gonna swell, damn! But it is what it is right? Oh shoot I'm bloated already. I just tried to wrap my hand around my wrist and it's tight. Yeah it's the jacked upedness of me being a weight loss surgery patient. Next I'll be checking to see if I can still see my collarbones and getting on the damn scale every five minutes!!!!!!


Those meds took 20 minutes each. Pretty small IV bags and then I had the two chemos given. Taxol and Carbo, short versions.

My meds started a little after 1:00 this afternoon and they unhooked me at 6:30 this evening.

During the day I read, ate my snacks, watched a little tv, journaled, talked on the phone, napped, napped some more, sweated cause chemo gives you a serious, serious, hot flash, ate some more snacks and just contemplated the day.

This was some experience and I'm glad it's over.

I'm scheduled for my next cycle on March 13th. I'm just realizing that's Friday the 13th, the hell!! I'm getting it changed, not only for that particular date but mom goes to her exercise, bible study, dance classes on Fridays. Can't have her missing her stuff because of this, although she doesn't mind, right now anyways LOL!

Planning a trip, only in the planning stages for a trip to the house of the mouse for this spring or when Dollface gets out of school. Treatment should be over hopefully by then and we can go have some super duper fun in Florida.

Maybe we can go to Texas for Spring break if it doesn't coincide with my treatment, depending on how I'll be feeling. She and I both need to get away somewhere. She has big standardized tests coming up in the next two weeks that determine if the students pass to the next grade. I really don't like the standardized tests at all. Hated them as a kid and hate em now.

Off to bed in a few, it's been a long, long day!

Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes everyone, it does this heart good!


  1. Yeahhh!!!!! DollFace for bringing the trophy home! :) She is going to be so geeked up going to the house of mouse! I'm a grown woman and go nuts over that place too! HaHa.

    Bunny, sounds like your first day was made a little more bearable to the caring nurse you had. It's the little things like that, that makes all the difference.

    I remember when I had to go in for the Iron Transfusion I lucked up and got the sweetest NURSE ever. 3 hours felt like 15 minutes because of her presence.

    Sending my prayers for the road to recovery for you!

    We're all praying for you :)

    p.s. let us know if you change the date. i don't blame you. friday the 13th? UMMM NO thanks is right :)

  2. I almost lost it when you referred to the "roids" Girl, I'm having a major flare up! I know too much information. ;)

    Dollface is cheesin' with the trophy, and so she should be. That girl thrives on competition.

    Remember, I'm praying for you fervently, and you're on my heart every day.

    Hugs to you, my friend.