Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bloodwork done

I still have a headache today and my neck is feeling better thanks to the pain pill I took last night. I went and had my bloodwork done early this morning and yes chemo definitely starts tomorrow.

You guys I'm dreading this!!! It's like so surreal to me now because it's finally here. I think mom is getting panicked too. But she's putting on a good front. She told me today that she loves me but she's not sitting in that chemo suite with me for 4-6 hours, so she can be snoring and get totally embarrassed.

Yeah right you don't want to watch the poison run through me. I get it. She said she'll stay for a while but not the entire time :(

I'll probably be asleep anyways. Gotta pack a bag to take with me like I did when I went for my first blood transfusion. You know a good book, a mag or two, my suduko game, a word search book, my hardback journal, snacks, my blanket and some clorox wipes *last time I was there it was only one bathroom that everyone used, massive YUCK!!!* and nobody wiped down the chairs when one person left from just having chemo, or a shot. Hell I had a damn blood transfusion and I was creeped the hell out by someone else's blood pumping though my veins. Just germs every.damn.where. ICK!!
Not to mention an elderly man who had to urinate sitting right there *curtains drawn of course* but still, because he couldn't walk.

Yours truly was leaving before the curtain was drawn again so I don't know how they handled the clean up behind that one. Plastic bottle urinal and all. *shudders* Ewwwwww!!!

Ok so at 11:00pm I have to take 5 tablets of Dexamethasone and at 5:00am I have to take another 5 tablets. This is a steroid that is supposed to help with my immune system. Then tomorrow if I feel sick after chemo, I'm to take one tablet of prochlorperazine every 8 hours as needed and one tablet of pantoprazole every day for 30 days. *sigh*

Then another cycle of chemo in three weeks. Six cycles in all.

Oh and you know I'm going to see my Dollface tomorrow beforehand. I just can't stay for the whole competition. That will perk me up for sure!

I'll update on how I really feel after tomorrow is over.

I can't believe it either.


  1. I can't imagine the courage it takes to be where you are. I'm sorry.

    Mom is going to be calling on God for sure, and bringing to remembrance His goodness and promises.

    We all love you Bunny!

  2. Bun, You are an inspiration. We are praying with you.

  3. Sending prayers for you! I pray that everything will be a smooth process and you're on the road to healing soon.

  4. You should buy yourself something that makes you smile so you may use it after your treatment. You know I know you're going to be just.fine.

  5. I've had to have the blood transfusions. That is indeed creepy. And I take many meds everyday... that can rub you the wrong way too, so I understand that.

    Like someone told me... 100 years ago, we didnt' have the medical advances that we have now, so think on that. It is hard, but it is the truth.

    Hope chemo doesn't wear you out. Take those meds, do what doc says, and march through this, Bunny...

    You're in my prayer journal, so you know what that means: I am most definitely praying for you, Ma!

  6. Thanks everyone!! Pleased to announce after my first cycle of chemo I'm doing good!!!!