Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Monday

Been on fb wayyyyyyyy too much lately and been neglecting the blog. Joined a "Biggest Loser" contest last week at the library. Thought they met every week and as it turns out it's only once a month. Boooooooooo!!! Considering joining a gym to help get rid of these extra pounds I picked up last year.

Everything looks good my doc says get back to exercising with light workouts, nothing strenuous (is that spelled right?) but I must buy that binder first and wear it daily. *sigh* She said no surgery for a minute. I'm happy about that cause surgery sucks! Don't know how long she wants me to wait though. Maybe she's waiting for 6 months after treatment which will put me roughly around April I guess. I haven't had any pain there because I have not been lifting anything heavy, well I tried not to lift anything because I did go to the store and buy 4 cases of water YIKES. Haven't lifted anything since.

Going to see a speaker tomorrow that I totally adore!!! She's the speaker that encouraged me to do a journal of all the cards I rec'd while I was going through treatment and to Expect Great Things everyday. It's been a year for her as well. She was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly before she spoke with us last year and we have been keeping in touch via email. She's doing well and I can't wait until I get to see her smiling face tomorrow. You know some people come into your life and they just touch you with their warm and kind spirit. Yep that's her.

Dollface is officially wishy washy! One minute she's hardcore into studying and the next she's like fuhgitaboutit!!! *sigh* In the words of Monnie, Imma fight that kid!!! LOL!!

We went to see T.he Nex.t Do.or on Saturday and we had plenty of laugh out loud moments.

*Whispers* Church is beginning to feel like a chore again and I don't like that at all. Didn't help that I totally slept through the sermon. I know I ain't the only one to sleep through a sermon am I?

24 tonight, YES!!! Get em' Jack!!!!!!!!!!!

Having no sun for a few days is not good. C'mon where are you sunny days????

Summer is coming soon, oh I guess Spring should come first right? Oh how I love sunny, summer days!!!


Been soooooooo long.

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  1. Dollface better stop playing and buckle down. :)

    The worst part about a boring sermon is when the church thinks it's a good idea to turn on the heat! UGH!

    My husband loves that show 24. I have yet to get into it. I should check it out!