Thursday, January 28, 2010

Delete button please!!!

Last week I was listening to the televison, yeah only listening not watching, when this one certain commercial kept playing over and over again. So when I heard it for the 12th time, I said ok, I'd give it a try. The commercial was for an online dating site. *sigh*

What the hell was I thinking?????? Where is the delete button when you need one???? I feel soooooooo dirty!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! Yeah I know plenty of folks that have gone online and found the mate of their dreams but um this ish is hard!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus I thought the site was free. NOT!!!!!!!!

So I have a few messages waiting for my response and I can't even see them because no I am not paying x amount of money MONTHLY to get a date or to see if I want to date you. Doesn't that seem a tad bit um CA-RAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYY!!! I am not knocking it but it ain't me baby! I want to delete my profile and pic but I don't see the delete button!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I'm just out there for all the singletons to see!! So damn funny!!!!!!!!!!!

This is soooooooooo unlike me for real but I said I wanted to try new things out this year. I'm so laughing at my silly self for this one. I swear I get caught up all the time with stuff when I act impulsively.

Back to the drawing board... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You are too funny. Ain't nothing in life free, girl. If you want free you should go to BlackPlanet (ugh!!!!!) LOL

  2. Chele I'm laughing hard at this!!!!

  3. Toooooo Funny!!! DELETE and RUN!!!

  4. Tanyetta help me find the delete button!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

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  6. (comment above mine) Looks like he found you here and he's using a foreign language too! LOL