Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday ramblings

Went to a party last night and surprisingly I didn't have any pain in my stomach! Praise ye the Lord!!!!!!!!! The doc wants me to take it easy and I have to buy this binder to wear around my stomach. It's supposed to hold me in and I guess I won't strain myself too much more than I already have.

Had a very good weekend. Saturday ran around town, took Dollface to her Saturday classes. Saw Darius from the Cup.cake Gal.lery. Dude, (google him) his cupcakes are awesome. He gave me a mixed batch of a dozen. The flavors are yummy. He gave me red velvet *his signature one*, carrot cake, peach cobbler, key lime, *mom said we needed more of this flavor*, double chocolate *Dollface said they were triple chocolate*, mocha chocolate, orange creamcicle and coconut creme. I had red velvet and the peach cobbler and I am telling you baby, these cupcakes are so moist, so yummy so decadent, nothing you've ever experienced from a regular cupcake. The icing alone will have your eyes rolling in the back of your head LOL!!! Just so awesome. His shop is waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy on the other side of town about a 40-45 minute drive but worth the trip for sure. He was sooooo tired. Poor sweetie! CEO, baker, order taker, decorator, just everything. I'm proud of him. He was laid off from his corporate job in June and opened his cupcake shop a couple of weeks ago. Young brother with a lot of heart. You know I had to support him. Made his dream a reality, nothing beats that! Go Darius Go!!!!

We didn't make it to the lights parade cause I know I wouldn't have made it home in time to go to the party. Traffic was nuts all day yesterday because it was a gorgeous outside! Plus I was just getting over a sore throat, still have that cough and I was not going to stand on the Mag Mile with that lake wind kicking me in the rear! Not for three hours! I was really bummed because you know I'd do anything for that little chica, but I was not feeling paradish at all yesterday. I didn't tell her about it, so she didn't know. Although her cousins, who live right next door to her did in fact go. UH OH!!!!!!! It's six of them, eight with the parents, so they had no room for my Dollface. They already go places with kids in laps, *I so am not trying to put my babydoll in that unsafe situation*. Why would you buy a 7 passenger van for a family of 8? Makes no sense but anyway.

Went to a party last night and of course had a good time! It was one of my gurls' birthday. Lil mama walked up in the joint a blonde!!!!! Her dress was fierce and she had on 5 inch, sparkly stillettos. Just sexay all night long!

Today I went to church and the Women's Club had a bake sale so I baked cookies and I am not pleased. Baked them for the first time with the new oven. Our oven died on us in September. Gotta get used to new temperature settings because this oven gets super hot, I think a little hotter than what the actual dial reads. So I have to scale it back a bit and cut down on the baking time. If I wasn't so tired I would have redone all 4o bags of cookies. They were edible, don't get me wrong, it's just they weren't my best.

So now I'm home just chilling! About to change clothes and start cleaning, getting ready for Turkey day. Washing windows, cleaning baseboards *which I despise*, shampooing the carpet, washing the curtains. All that kinda crap!!! lol!

Bout to go eat a delish little cupcake with this wonderful cup of cinnamon coffee right here. Might even wrap a few Christmas presents later since Dollface has us listening to Christmas music already!!! They've been playing it for a couple of weeks now on the lite 93.9. You should have seen us dodging all info about this but her cousins, of course, told her they were on. She is tooooooo excited!!!! I don't want to burn out before Thanksgiving, ya know? But we love the Peanuts theme song and we were having a good old time the other day while it was on.

Happy Sunday!

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