Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Almost hump day

Wooo I had way too much weekend! LOL! The party Saturday was bananas!!!!!!! OMG had an absolute ball and felt so totally alive. It was great until....the pain came back. *sigh* Yep at about 12:45am I got that burning feeling in my stomach and me and my girls left right after that. By the time I got to the car, the pain was gone. So weird!!!! Got home a few minutes later and the pain came back, oh my!!!!!!!! Was a complete mess all night long. Took some prescribed meds, did nothing. Took some Tums, nothing happened. Woke up early the next morning and took some more meds and laid it down for a few hours and the pain hasn't been back since. Drank tea and had broth all day Sunday. Took a boatload of vitamins and hydrated myself like crazy and now finally, I'm feeling like myself again. My followup is tomorrow so we will see what the doc says. She called the next day, she cracks me up with her fast talking self! I love my doctors eventhough I hate the hospital with a bloody, burning passion LOL!!!!

Another party to attend this Saturday and then that's it for me and parties hell! I am so not a party, party girl! Shoot I'm too old for all this activity!!!!

Also Saturday is the Lights on The Mag Mile Parade and I'm taking Dollface. We couldn't go last year cause well you know I was kinda laid up having a big ole' surgery and all. Nothing stopping us this year, except if it rains or snows. I am not standing out in the elements for nobody baby!!! Not on purpose anyways!!!

G had his knee scoped and he may possibly need surgery on it. I can be his nurse this year! Whoo hoo!!!! This is the first time in two years that I won't be in the hospital or recovering during the holidays. I am soooooooo beyond stoked baby!!!!!!! So he's waiting on results from it and I guess they will schedule surgery soon. He is so not looking forward to this. I totally understand.

I'm still bummed the hell out about my tur.key tr.ot. Body says no, I'm listening. It hurts me but I know I'm not ready and I will not injure myself by doing something that I know I am not prepared to do. Looked at the calendar and I have not trained since November 4th. THAT SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Gotta get back on the horse man! I'm still on week 4 when I should be on week 7 by now!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!! Not where I wanna be but I'm not giving up either. One day soon I'll be able to say I did it but it won't be this Turkey day. WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! It's ok, I've got to train more so I won't hurt myself and get turned off by the whole idea of running, ya know?

Only a few more days til Thanksgiving and I have oh so much to be thankful for this year. That's why I really wanted to run this race. I thought it would be so appropriate to give thanks for my life by running a race to say I am a true winner, a survivor baby!!!!

I must get my menu together, for right now I have not a clue as to what I really want to serve. I know the basics but not the extras or dessert. Mom said she wants mashed potatoes this year and I'm like huh? Oh yeah she still doesn't have teeth. Been postponed again but she's really learning how to eat without teeth. *cringes a little bit* Poor mom!

Got quite a bit of holiday shopping done in the past few days. The next cc bill is not gonna be cute.

Today in the speaker series class, we had a priest break down the 23rd psalm and he was so funny and had awesome stories to share with us. I could have listened to him for hours. I need to get my prayer life together because it is seriously lacking. I mean like getting back into reading my bible. I got THE coolest bible as a gift from a friend of my mom's and why did my mother request to use it for HER bible study class. I was like no way but she was all begging me and there is no way I'd ever say no to her. Not about sharing a bible LOL!!!

Anyways the priest pretty much ran out of time for the class *an hour* and ended it by saying take it to God in prayer, when you're happy, when you're sad, whenever! Seems simple right? right!

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