Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sunday's Marathon

I have been inspired!!!! On Sunday I went down to the BOA Chic.ago Ma.rathon to watch a friend participate in it. Dude was awesome. His unofficial time was 4:44. I should play that in the lottery lol! To witness soooooooo many people, 45,000 in all, run 26.2 miles is infreakingcredible!!! Man that's athleticism at it's highest form. We were all trying to calculate the distance. One friend said that it was like running from the Southern burbs to the inner city. Dude that's a hell of a lot of running. We saw a man with one leg and crutches running. We saw a man with two prothesis running and he did it in a little over two hours, running. There was a blind man running with a guide of course. We saw much older people running and they were doing it yall!!! Made me proud as all get out. If they could do it, why not me?

So your girl here is thinking no more excuses. I'm gonna start running. Yeah I ain't hardly bout to do no 26.2 miles and that's for sure but I am definitely going to start training for something on a much smaller scale like maybe a 5k *or even smaller* lol. I am no athlete by any stretch of the imagination but my mind and body need a complete rehaul. I have been sooooooo very focused on my cancer treatment and now that I've gotten over that hurdle I have to place the focus on something different. I need a whole new mindset and one that doesn't include doctors, nurses and meds!!!

I'm excited about this new journey I'm about to begin. I feel exhilarated and renewed already. Talk to me tomorrow after I finish my first workout. Baby I'm gonna be a mess I know this already! I surely will take all advice because Bunny don't know nothing, nada, nathan bout' running. Gonna goo.gle myself silly but I am gonna do this. Writing it down and making this happen *thanks Monnie*.

I'm proud of me and I'm oh so excited for my future!

Here's my friend after he finished the race. He rocks baby!!!


  1. This is a motivating post! You've made up your mind and committed to the goal.

    Moreover, after your ordeal, moving in the direction of health and fitness seems like the next chapter.

    I'm equally excited about your future!

  2. Long ago in a galaxy far, far away I had a significant other that had/has more than 20 marathons and at least 10 triathlons under her belt. The human electricity and inspiration is something to behold, huh? Sometimes I sign up and support different runs just because I know both the discipline and sacrifice involved.

    If you wanna really do this and need help getting training and stuff, check out 'Team In Training'(http://www.teamintraining.org/il/). You'll kill a couple of birds with one stone here.

    Oh, and I'm excited about your future as well.

  3. @Believer you have supported me throughout my entire cancer journey. Actually you have been there waaaaaaayyyyyyy before the big C ever came into my life. I'm grateful for you and your friendship! xoxo!!!

    @The Brown Blogger I am sooooo determined to do this and thank you so much for the info. Putting it in my runners portfolio of info! LOL!! Them damn runners did it for me baby!!! I can't wait to cross another, if you will, finish line!!!