Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Monday

Thanking God for blue skies and sunshine!!! Whooo Hooo!!!! I am going to cherish these next couple of days because after that our weather is going to get funky again. I mean cold, rainy and dreary. So any day with sunshine is a plus to me.

My Dollface is still sick. This is day number 3 that she is missing of school. Her mom took her to Urgent Care yesterday and is following up with her reg. doc today. This has me a little worried because my chica never misses school and another thing is she has absolutely no appetite and Dollface is a member of the clean plate club! She is always, always hungry. She greets me everyday with, "Hi, I'm hungry." She has this constant cough and they gave her antibiotics yesterday. I'm not a fan of antibiotics since I was in the hospital last year. That crap had me sicker than sick. I'm gonna go see her later and I'm gonna spray myself down with Clor.ox after I leave her. Uh, I can't be sick, no way baby!

Did workout #3 yesterday!!! Feels good to be doing something physical. Tomorrow starts a new regime of a brisk 5 min walk, 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking, alternating for 20 minutes. Yeah baby!! I can do this!!!

Got the refrigerator repaired last week for a total of $265.00 and the repairman came out for the oven the same day but charges you for each appliance that you have serviced even if it's on the same day. Boooooooo to you He said the oven would cost like $350.00 to get repaired, the parts he had with him didn't work. We said no thanks, we will just buy a new one for that ridiculous price but we still had to pay him $125.00 for the service call. *sigh*

So now I'm off to run some errands on this glorious, sunny, blue sky day!!


  1. Sorry that Dollface is sick. Get well soon, Dollface.

    I hate appliance repairs. I need the old appliances like my Grandmama has. That stuff lasts forever!

    You confusing me with the cardio routine. I will take that brisk 5 minute walk with you, though. LOL

  2. Please give Dollface a ^5 for me, and feel better quick! :)

    Keep us posted on her progress.

    I would be so ticked about a $125 service charge, but that's how they do it! Still, we need folk who can diagnose and fix the stuff.

  3. LOL@ Lee ~ it goes a little like this... 5 min brisk walk then jog 90 sec, walk two minutes, jog 90 seconds, walk two minutes, jog 90 sec, walk two minutes for 20 minutes.

    Believer you know my mom was more than ticked! Humpf, this is putting a serious dent in my go to the DR in Feb w/Lee and co. monies LOL!!!

  4. Sorry dollface is sick. Enjoy the sunshine while you can.