Thursday, October 29, 2009


Week three of training is kicking my azz! Period damn dot!!! OMG I'm like really trippin' hard on this stuff. First off it came so quickly. Seems like just yesterday I was on week one and now, oh boy. How bout at one point during the workout, I'm supposed to be jogging for three minutes straight. That doesn't seem like much saying it, but it is!!!! I so wanted to go back to the 90 second jog, 90 second walk stuff.

One of my fb friends posted this on the same day I wanted to regress, it said: Sometimes we don't make as much progress as we would like. Don't get discouraged. Don't go backwards. Keep a good attitude and do the right thing, even when it's hard. Be encouraged because your due season is coming.

Oooooh weeeeee, so on time!!!

I will not go backwards, I'm going to push forward! I will not be discouraged!!

Dollface is better. Still not 100% yet but much better. Her asthma was out of control. Her doc said she is supposed to be on her inhaler everyday and her appetite is back with a vengence. Believer was on the phone with me one day while I was picking her up from school and she heard first hand about the hi, I'm hungry, greeting. LOL!!!!

I think I'm addicted to coffee. I get a serious headache if I don't have any. This is not good. I need to slow it down drastically. Just what I need, another addiction. NOT!!!!

Mom had some dental work done last week. She's prepping for dentures and the dentist pulled 12 teeth in one sitting. That should be damn illegal. Nobody should have to endure such torture. She was a mess that day but she has really been a trooper in the process. I take her back tomorrow for some more work because she feels one of her remaining teeth is broken. Heaven help! She's been surviving on all soft foods. I made homemade broccoli cheese soup and split pea too. Of course she's had all the pudding, applesauce, jello and yogurt one can, when they have no upper teeth. She's having major cravings though. I sure do understand. She just wants something to chew on. G suggested I buy her a teething ring. *sigh*

Can you believe it's almost November? Doesn't it seem as if President Ob.ama got into office just yesterday? Time is flying man!!!

One of the besties is closing on her house next week! Her birthday was on Monday, she said this is the best birthday present she has ever gotten. I'm too proud of her! She has overcome some hella obstacles but she has turned it all around and is doing major things with her life now. I love that chick! She's awesome, no beyond awesome! No doubt God has worked it out for her and the fam!

Halloween is in a couple of days and my little chica wants to be a cowgirl. We of course are going trick-or-treating and to a Halloween parade in To.ys R U.s and a party too. She is going to have a ball! I love seeing all the little kids dressed up having good, clean, fun.

Watching old reruns of Ro.seanne and this show was hilarious, or I'm just tired as hell now. I'm laughing way too much at these fools.

The new stove comes tomorrow, well today since it's 4:42 in the morning. I had way too much coffee, way too late. I had my last cup at 10:53 last night. What in the world was I thinking? Yeah not thinking at all, just getting that much needed fix!

Ok guess I'll go get a couple hours of sleep.


  1. Congrats on making it to week 3! That's a serious accomplishment. Keep focus and you will succeed.

    The comedy on Roseanne was classic! It was one of those shows that didn't adhere to political correctness or and it didn't dodge serious issue. Did you ever see the episode where Fisher hits Jackie and then Dan goes over to the house and kicks his butt? Talk about reality tv. *lol*

  2. For real, you need to take it easy on the coffee, girl.

    I love Roseanne and still watch it. Her Jackie remind me of me and my own sister.

  3. Dr. Oz just had something on about easing off the caffeine.

    Let me it!

    Caffeine Detox

  4. That is great you're keeping up with jogging, it's not easy. Glad you are in great spirits too, a kiss to Dollface, hope she is 100% real soon.