Monday, November 29, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Randoms

I was going thru my archives for when I was going thru chemo treatment and man I was a busy soul!! I was determined not to sit around the house and feel sick. Every week I was on the go, living life and loving life, even in the midst of the biggest storm EVER. Ain't God Awesome?!? There is no way on earth I could have gone thru all that and still remained sane. Well as sane as a crazy person like me could be! LOL!!!

Whoo Wee!!! Praise God all that is over!!!

Thanksgiving was wonderful! Dinner with the fam and friends. Then later went to the B.Friday sales with 3 teenagers!!! We had soooooooooo much fun. Out all night long!!!! Got to Target around midnight and stood outside in the freezing ass cold til 1:30 and I said I can't do this bull!!! Fuckasale!!!!! Took my frozen azz to get some coffee and hightailed it over to Old.Na.vy. Stood outside about 10 minutes cause they had a 500 person limit in the store. Yeah it was crowded as hell in that joint. We were in there for 2 hours!!!! Got a few things for the Dollface and the 3 girls got some stuff too. On to the mall next door. Stayed there for about 2 hours shopping and laughing with all the other mad crazy folks!!! One of the teens didn't bring her contact case or solution, so we had to find a drugstore. Problem was, none of them were open yet. So we went to a grocery store for her stuff after hitting a couple of strip malls. She took out her contacts about seven that morning and then we headed to breakfast. Then the sleepies hit and two of the girls were wiped out!!!!!!! I went to one more store in the mall to pick up some Bandalino shoes for my mom, while the girls stayed in the car. The shoes were originally priced at $60.00, I got em for $24.00!!! YAY ME!!!

Dropped off one of the teenagers at home in the boonies and then went to another mall. Picked up some hella good stuff and by this time it was 10:30am and I was getting sleepy!!!! Drove the two cousins home and they had crashed by this time. I laughed!!! Thought they'd be wide awake the whole entire time. Came home stashed all my stuff, left some at a friends house, got in the bed and crashed for a bit. My body was soooooooooo sore I had to almost bathe in wintergreen alcohol. Cramps in my legs and thighs like crazy!!! I'm old I have to keep reminding myself!!! LOL!!!! Shoulda gassed up the wheelchair man!!!!

So I couldn't get the Wii fit bundle and nobody has any now. But mom will be cool cause I'm taking her to Vegas for a couple of days, a week before before Christmas. Yeah I got a good deal on some tickets and hotels rates are super cheap. We have family in Vegas so that should make up for it I hope.

This week is going to fly by!!! AND we are leaving for a cruise this Friday!!! I AM TOO STOKED!!!!! So this week will be dedicated to packing and getting ready to leave the windy city!!! Hello Florida, Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Maarten!!!

Working out like crazy. I got an exercise guru on my tail!!! That's a good thing!! She always says, "Don't play with me, I WILL FIGHT YOU!!!" LOL!!! Keeps me on my toes, such a good thing!!!!

So grateful to God for blessing me all the time. Even when I don't deserve it.

Giving Him all the Thanks!!!!

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  1. Dear Bunny, You won a copy of my book if you want it. It's called EVERYONE SHE LOVED and I can sign it to you, just sign it, or sign it to a friend of yours. I can wrap it for the holidays. Whatever you like. (You were chosen at random from the commenters on my post on
    Just send me your mailing address and how you'd like it signed. Bless you!